Guide Is Your Head in the Cloud?

A guide to best-practice cloud cost management

The impact of cloud on modern-day life cannot be overstated. Whether we’re sharing photos, communicating with colleagues or storing documents, operating in the cloud is common.

As cloud usage spreads and diversifies, IT executives are encountering a wide range of challenges related to security, accessibility, cost, visibility and a host of other issues. Take, for example, the pervasive phenomenon of ChatGPT. Few IT or legal departments are equipped to know if employees are accessing it, let alone how many and what information is being entered.

IT leaders need comprehensive visibility of their cloud environments if they are to reduce organizational risk and unnecessary cloud spend.

In this guide, we take a deep dive into how IT leaders can balance their business’ need to innovate and grow alongside saving valuable budget and avoiding unmitigated access to the cloud.

Featuring an exclusive foreword by Jay Litkey, Executive Vice President, Cloud Management, at Snow Software, the guide also covers: