WHITEPAPER Seven KPIs to Measure FinOps Success

Defining effective cloud cost management

Public cloud technology can deliver significant business value across infrastructure cost savings, team productivity, service elasticity and DevOps agility.

70 % of organizations regularly overshoot their cloud budgets – minimizing the gap between cloud costs and revenue. Anadot State of Cloud Cost Report 2022

Every business with a cloud infrastructure needs a cloud cost management strategy (a plan that’s typically the responsibility of a cross-functional FinOps team). In turn, every successfully strategy needs to have a process for benchmarking and measuring performance so the business can ensure progress toward increasing the return on its cloud investments.

We invite you to download our complimentary whitepaper, “Cloud Cost Management: Seven KPIs to Measure FinOps Success,” to identify the best practices of truly exceptional cloud cost management. You’ll also dive deep into the following KPIs that will be critical to understanding the effectiveness of your FinOps efforts and driving incremental success:

  1. Allocatable cloud spend
  2. Average hourly cost
  3. Cloud unit costs
  4. Percentage of waste
  5. Percentage blend of purchasing strategies
  6. Time to address cost anomalies
  7. Forecast accuracy