Snow Virtualization Management Option Manage virtualized licensing across the network

When virtualizing assets, it can be challenging to effectively manage software, licensing and compliance. Snow Virtualization Management Option discovers the presence of virtual and physical assets, the configuration and the relationship among these devices.   For datacenter licensing models, see where the installations are, how they relate to the physical capabilities of the virtual environment installations and the respective features of the physical or virtual server.

Understand, manage and optimize virtualized assets.

Challenge Limited visibility of software in your virtualized environment and cost implications

  • Poor cost management
  • Incomplete understanding of server topology
  • Difficult to see the relationship between resources
  • Complex configuration

Solution Identify virtual machines and automatically determine your effective license position

  • Easy license reconciliation
  • Improved governance
  • Out-of-the-box reporting
  • Automation of VM use rights

Virtualization Management Option Supported Technologies

Collect data from the most popular hypervisor/virtualization technologies.

Microsoft HyperV
Citrix XenServer
RedHat Enterprise Virtualization
VMware vSphere
Microsoft System Center VMM
We saved 35% on VMware licenses because Snow gave us a true picture of what we were using in a timely manner, rather than relying on less accurate manual work. Snow also gave us the confidence to reduce our Citrix license count based on our usage, delivering savings of 29%, and helped us identify the best way to license Microsoft SQL Server in a virtual environment, which has seen a 38% saving.
Robert Silk, Head of IT Supplier and Asset Management,  University College London