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Rightsize your technology investments

Snow Spend Optimizer discovers and normalizes data across the hybrid IT environment so you can identify savings opportunities from unused accounts, duplicate users and redundant applications. With these insights you can ensure your organization is in a positive compliance position and quickly prepare for audits and vendor negotiations. Plus, see how you can use Snow Spend Optimizer to rightsize contracts and buy and renew only the subscriptions you need.

Snow Spend Optimizer

Modern IT infrastructure calls for reinventing your ITAM practice.


Increasing cloud and SaaS spend are complicating cost management and compliance. 

  • Redundant applications drive up cost and complexity
  • 30% wasted spend on unused or oversized cloud/ SaaS
  • Time consuming preparations for vendor negotiations


Rightsize technology investments by aligning spend with business needs.

  • Identify savings from unused accounts and duplicate users 
  • Eliminate unnecessary premium subscriptions
  • Eliminate redundant apps with usage details by application category
  • Sort apps that should be integrated, adopted or retired

How It Works

Snow hybrid discovery consolidates spend data from multiple sources, normalizes more than 700,000 applications and aggregates usage of hardware, software, SaaS or IaaS across your IT estate. You can upload and track entitlement agreements and then, based on usage, determine the effective license position as well as appropriately chargeback departments. With guided insight to reduce excessive subscription levels, you can control big-ticket datacenter and enterprise software costs for products such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Simplify your complex environment

Snow Spend Optimizer provides insight into unused technology spend. See detailed datacenter expenditure with support for per processor and per core license models on both virtual and physical resources. For cloud optimization, you can quickly identify unused and underutilized accounts and unnecessary, expensive subscriptions such as Microsoft 365 E3 versus E1.

Snow Spend Optimizer

Manage SaaS spend

Reduce SaaS contracts by buying and renewing only the subscriptions your organization truly needs. Using Snow Spend Optimizer, IT asset managers can identify savings from unused accounts and duplicate users. With detailed user-level analytics, they can eliminate unnecessary premium subscriptions. Plus, by viewing data-driven agreements for each application, they can proactively manage SaaS renewals.

Snow Spend Optimizer

Technology portfolio rationalization

Snow automatically categorizes more than 700,000 applications and allows you to rationalize your portfolio by rolling up overlapping technologies. This rationalization reduces support costs, OS migration costs and risk. Additionally, with expert-level assessments for key products such as Windows Server, IT asset managers can find the most cost-effective way to license in virtualized environments and act on license risks related to virtualization.

Snow Spend Optimizer

“With the help of Snow’s reporting, we have now gained visibility regarding our license use and have been able to optimize our software estate. As a result, we were able to redistribute excess licenses and avoid spending on procuring more. In the first three years after the introduction of Snow, we were able to achieve savings of more than €750,000.”

Carola Iberl, Global License Manager, DEKRA
Carola Iberl, Global License Manager, DEKRA
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