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Snow Spend Optimizer

Prepare for software license audits, get spend visibility and rightsize technology investments

Using Spend Optimizer, IT leaders can prepare for software license audits while gaining visibility and control of technology spend. By entering cost data and software agreements into Spend Optimizer, IT and finance leaders can view technology expenses and contracts. Users can view technology spend by department, region or business unit, enabling IT and finance leaders to accurately allocate costs and enable chargebacks to the appropriate organizational budget.

With these insights, users can make informed business decisions on consolidating and rationalizing under-utilized hardware, software and devices. They will also be able to compare software licenses used with the relevant entitlements, determining their effective license position to help prepare for audits and to manage costs more effectively.

Effective IT leaders want to fully support the needs and goals of their business partners. They can’t do that and also meet their obligation to wisely allocate scarce IT funds unless they are able to identify and remediate the estimated 30% of technology spend that is wasted. Rapidly increasing cloud spending makes their job harder as easy-to-provision SaaS applications—often acquired by business units without IT input—create expensive annual contracts with little or no governance. IT leaders need insight and solutions to identify technology spend optimization opportunities.

Spend Optimizer enables organizations to rightsize their technology investments by aligning spend with business needs across software, cloud services, datacenter and mobile. Detailed technology use understanding is mined to identify unused accounts, duplicate users and unnecessary, expensive subscriptions. Automatic categorization of hundreds of thousands of applications drives portfolio rationalization by identifying overlapping technologies. Spend Optimizer provides IT leaders the tools they need to efficiently manage budget and resources.

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Snow Spend Optimizer Highlights
Ensure License Compliance.
Ensure License Compliance

Create compliance reports comparing software usage with entitlements so IT and finance leaders can prepare for and defend against vendor audits

Eliminate Waste
Drive Complete Cost Visibility

Enable IT and finance leaders to make informed business decisions, identify unused accounts, duplicate users and unnecessary, expensive subscriptions

Manage SaaS Spend
Manage SaaS Spend

Ensure efficient use of resources with detailed SaaS usage and cost optimization suggestions for complex, hybrid applications such as Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud