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Protect data and reduce risk

Snow Risk Monitor can help you reach security and compliance goals by automatically identifying software vulnerabilities and personally identifiable information exposure. Augment traditional security and data privacy tools by establishing complete visibility of devices, users and software. Plus, ensure your organization adheres to key cybersecurity frameworks and data privacy regulations.

Snow Risk Monitor

99% of exploited vulnerabilities are ones known to security and IT professionals.


Hidden data risks are lurking in your IT estate.

  • Unable to identify security risks and prioritize remediation
  • Unable to effectively respond to internal & external audits
  • Lack of information needed to support effective data privacy governance
  • Time and resources wasted on manual inventory creation


Manage risk with a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities.

  • Automatically find software vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize what to address first based on severity level
  • Go straight to the problem with context such as device and user information
  • Actively manage software lifecycles, with EOL and vulnerability data in one place

How It Works

Snow Risk Monitor provides complete visibility of all devices, users and applications across on-premises, cloud and mobile. Automated discovery provides a detailed account of which users have access to which applications and cloud services, and how they are used. With Snow Software, applications are also classified to highlight where personal data could be stored and processed, and the type of data held.

Identify vulnerabilities across the estate

Find all known vulnerabilities – not just the ones in the big data processing applications. Snow Risk Monitor shows which vulnerable applications are in use and where they reside and identifies attack vectors of the path of a vulnerability. You can’t protect what you can’t see; but Snow Risk Monitor gives you the best starting point to see your risks, so you can protect your organization.

Snow Risk Monitor

Prioritize risk remediation

Once you’ve identified that risks are present, it’s time to prioritize what to address first. Snow Risk Monitor helps by providing robust, contextual data around those risks, so you can determine what’s high priority for your organization.

  • Risks with a critical vulnerability from the NIST National Vulnerability Database
  • Risks present in applications that may be processing
  • PII Risks on devices used by high-profile users in the organization
Snow Risk Monitor

Visualize and explore

The Snow Risk Monitor interactive dashboard allows you to fully understand the risk landscape and make informed decisions about what to mitigate. It identifies different types of attack vectors so you can slice and dice your risks by what’s easiest for hackers to exploit and where those risks reside (e.g., on servers or user end-points). Export your search results so you can share them with other teams and integrate with remediation tools, security planning and more.

Snow Risk Monitor

"When you install Snow, you have a lights-on moment and all of the sudden you see everything and it's scary. Exciting and scary as well, but it gives you that visibility. You can actually see what you have on your estate, who's got it, how they're using it and when they're using it, and it makes a massive difference."

Paul Logan, Service Transition Manager, William Hill
Paul Logan, Service Transition Manager, William Hill
Managing Governance and Risk in a Security-Centric World
Managing Governance and Risk in a Security-Centric World

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Snow Risk Monitor Datasheet
Snow Risk Monitor Datasheet

Explore how you can get the most value out of Snow Risk Monitor.

Reveal the Hidden Data Risks Lurking In Your IT Estate
Reveal the Hidden Data Risks Lurking In Your IT Estate

Explore how risk and governance teams can help businesses avoid the financial and reputational risk associated with data breaches.

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