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Increase productivity by automating software processes

Snow Productivity Optimizer helps organizations save costs by automating manual processes, including software request and approval. With Snow Productivity Optimizer you can proactively avoid common resource-related issues such as unmanaged access to software, overuse of software licenses and license sprawl. 

Snow Productivity Optimizer

Snow Productivity Optimizer automation increases productivity and reduces cost.


Manual processes increase costs and drive poor IT customer satisfaction scores.

  • Reactive strategy in governing technology consumption
  • Lack of control over technology spend
  • Slow and manual provisioning of software leads users to circumvent IT
  • Lack of visibility into requested software increases cost and security risk


Automate key software processes to accelerate adoption and increase ROI.

  • Automatically remove and reassign unused software
  • Automated, approval-driven, self-service request process
  • Increased service desk productivity and decreased costs
  • Improved SLA adherence and IT customer satisfaction scores

How It Works

Snow Software provides complete lifecycle management of software and services from request to retirement. Snow Productivity Optimizer enables users to order the services they need, when they need them, from an approved catalog in a self-service portal. By ensuring that requests for resources follow the policies set by the organization, Snow Productivity Optimizer can help you control the way hardware, software and cloud resources are consumed.

Self-service for hardware and software requests

Snow Productivity Optimizer provides web portal shopping cart functionality so you can maintain control and cost transparency with predefined, multi-level approval workflows. Approval notifications include the capability for users to track requests and approval process. There is also the ability to view cross-charge and show-back cost information per user and per application.

Snow Productivity Optimizer

Automated software harvesting

Snow drives proactive cost avoidance by automatically removing and harvesting unused software. Reclaimed licenses are pooled for reuse so that procurement requests are necessary only when no licenses are available to reuse. Administrators can remove application and data access based on user role and governance policies.

Snow Productivity Optimizer

On average, it costs $46.69 for IT and Help Desk personnel to resolve a ticket.

A complete automation solution

Snow Productivity Optimizer is supported by out-of-the-box workflows ready to handle the most common challenges including software re-harvesting and access request. It uses industry standard scripting language, not proprietary, difficult-to-support technology. Snow supports automation across all environments and provides an unlimited number of automated workflows with no additional cost for approvers.

"We are delighted that we can derive an accurate level of costs around our non-compliance and with the automatically generated real-time data reports, the company has the necessary insight to give regular updates to management and demonstrate tangible costs savings that we’ve been able to achieve with SAM."

Jouni Karkulahti, IT Specialist, Teollisuuden Voima Oyn (TVO)
Jouni Karkulahti, IT Specialist, Teollisuuden Voima Oyn (TVO)
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Gartner® Market Guide Software Asset Management Tools

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Snow Productivity Optimizer Datasheet
Snow Productivity Optimizer Datasheet

See how Snow Productivity Optimizer can help you save costs by automating manual processes. 

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