Snow Software optimizes software licensing “from desktop to datacenter” with Snow License Manager 7

Snow Software, a recognized global leader in the development of Software Asset Management (SAM) technologies for both end user organizations and SAM service providers, today announced the launch of its Snow License Manager 7 solution.   Focused on managing software installs and licenses from the desktop to the datacenter, Snow License Manager 7 introduces no less than 135 new features that will help organizations of all sizes reduce both their software license compliance risk and overall software expenditure.

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Axel Kling, Chief Executive Officer of Snow Software, commented: “With Snow License Manager 7, we have created the most comprehensive SAM solution available, enabling organizations to manage their desktop licensing, virtualization, cloud computing and datacenter applications through a single console.  To manage software and licensing effectively, we believe that you need to build SAM teams from across the enterprise and give them a common platform to work from – and this is what we are delivering with Snow License Manager 7.”

Already recognized as the leading solution for managing desktop licenses, Snow License Manager 7 introduces a number of features that will enable organizations with datacenters to realize significant cost savings on enterprise applications and licenses:

As well as datacenter-specific enhancements, Snow License Manager introduces a wealth of core license management functionality such as application whitelisting, custom license metric support, automatic Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS) upload and more.

Experienced Snow License Manager users will notice a fresh graphical interface, with an all-new customizable ‘Snowboard’ management dashboard up front.  The Snowboard is designed to give each individual user their own view of important metrics and alerts, making it easier to zero-in on top priority tasks.

We gave a handful of Snow customers a sneak preview of Snow License Manager 7. 

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David Foxen, SAM Manager at Arup in the United Kingdom, commented on Snow License Manager 7: “With so many new features in the new Snow License Manager, it’s quite difficult to pick a favorite! I think the biggest benefit will come from the cost reductions we realize as a result of better managing our licensing across the entire estate, with the help of the AD integration feature and updated datacenter features. We’ve already made significant cost savings thanks to Snow, I think the new version will help us save even more on all varieties of software.”

Announced today, Snow License Manager 7 will be available to customers to install and upgrade from March 31st.  Existing Snow License Manager customers with a current support and maintenance agreement should contact Snow Software or their Snow partner for more information on upgrading to the latest version.