Snow Software Launches New Capabilities for Snow Atlas to Help Manage Growing IT Complexity

The Snow Atlas platform offers a unified view and actionable insights to demonstrate value of technology investments across the enterprise, showcasing the potential of Technology Intelligence

Stockholm and Austin, Texas – June 21, 2022Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence, today announced new functionality and integrations for Snow Atlas, the first purpose-built platform that provides a framework to accelerate data-driven technology decision-making. The new and enhanced features deliver additional connectivity and simplicity to technology management. These capabilities demonstrate the powerful insights and actions that organizations can bring to bear with Technology Intelligence – the ability to understand and manage all technology to maximize business potential and resilience.

According to IDC, global digital transformation spending is predicted to hit a high of $1.8 trillion in 2022 driven in large part by the rapid expansion of SaaS and cloud technologies. This increased spend comes with a downside. As technology investment grows, so too does the complexity of managing and mitigating the risks of an organization’s technology stack.

“We see Technology Intelligence as the solution for organizations looking to manage their increasingly complex hybrid technology environments,” said Vishal Rao, President and CEO of Snow. “Technology owners have been plagued by years of adopting an amalgamation of siloed point tools. With Snow Atlas, we are eliminating these historic silos and simplifying all aspects of visibility and management of technology. We believe that making this ambitious goal a reality requires a unique approach – which is why we have built Snow Atlas from the ground up and fortified it with a robust ecosystem of integrations. With the single, holistic view and actionable insights Snow Atlas provides, organizations can not only untangle the complexity inherent in their technology environments but deliver greater business value.”

New Integrations and Broadened Ecosystem for Complete Visibility and Intelligence

Snow’s ecosystem includes more than 130 out-of-the box integrations, SaaS connectors for more than 8,000 applications, and one of the world’s most comprehensive software recognition and data normalization services, providing insight on over 735,000 applications, a number that increases by about 6,000 applications per month. New and enhanced capabilities within the Snow ecosystem in this release include:

“The Snow Atlas implementation has lifted the lid on our SaaS investments and empowered us to grow our portfolio,” said Chris Sines, Head of Group Licensing at Investec. “We are finding new ways to engage with internal business partners by discussing how to onboard software and right size SaaS spend. The key enablers are the integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft 365, allowing us to identify low usage on productivity software and reclaim subscriptions. We are four months into our use of Snow Atlas and have already harvested 15% of our Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud costs as well as avoided a 12% increase on future Microsoft 365 spend. The time dedicated to these processes has reduced significantly, opening up capacity to investigate further into our organization.”

Innovation To Improve Decision-Making

Visibility is essential to informed decision-making. However, visibility is not enough. IT leaders require actionable insights to keep pace with ever-changing technology environments and market conditions. Through its Data Intelligence Service, Snow Atlas brings together disparate data sets into a common format, creating a single shared dataset across technology sources that empowers organizations with the context and perspective needed to make intelligent decisions faster.

New features being developed specifically to improve decision-making on Snow Atlas include:

Platform Momentum

Snow Atlas is a cloud-native platform built on Microsoft Azure delivered as a service and based on a microservices architecture and standardized APIs. The platform allows organizations to onboard faster, realize time to value quicker and enables increased ease of use. Snow Atlas provides enhanced self-services features like agent creation and management, end user management, self-healing for locked or disconnected services, single-sign on activation and in-app guidance. These core capabilities provide a centralized view and the perspective to address the most complex technology challenges.

“With complete visibility and comprehensive insights of technology investments, organizations are empowered to make more informed decisions,” said Sanjay Castelino, Chief Product and Customer Officer at Snow. “That’s why we continue to invest in new ways to bring data into the Snow Atlas platform. Through capabilities like Okta SSO discovery and the new SaaS API connectors, we’re bolstering organizations’ ability to identify and effectively manage their SaaS applications. And we’re not only trying to address the challenges and opportunities facing customers today but positioning them to be able to manage those yet to come. That’s the beauty of Snow Atlas. It’s designed for future innovation and flexibility, so we see the possibilities as limitless.”

Since launching in 2021, Snow Atlas now has more than 300K devices under management serving customers globally. Snow Atlas is generally available and currently supported in North America, EMEA and APAC. For more information on Snow Atlas, please visit    

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