Snow Software Joins Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)

Sept 2 2014, Stockholm: Snow Software, a global leader in Software Asset Management (SAM) technologies for end user organizations and service providers, has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

CIF, the industry body that aims to improve standards and education in the Cloud industry, was formed in 2009 to provide transparency through certification to a Code of Practice for credible online Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and to assist end users in determining the necessary information to enable them to adopt Cloud services. 

Since 1997, Snow Software has sold millions of licenses to thousands of end user organizations and service providers worldwide who rely on Snow’s SAM expertise to manage compliance, optimise software availability and drive cost savings.

Axel Kling, CEO of Snow Software, stated: “With the majority of organizations now actively using applications based in the Cloud, according to the latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum, SAM programs must evolve to manage these assets. While it may be tempting to see Cloud licenses as ‘self-managing’, the truth is that if these investments are not monitored, it is easy to either over-spend or risk non-compliance.

“While many organisations in the UK and other developed markets have established SAM practices, we still a real challenge in breaking down the siloes between different areas of IT.  We are committed to working with CIF and our fellow members to drive both awareness and the adoption of SAM best practices across the hybrid IT estate,” he continued.

Alex Hilton, CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum, added: “Today, optimization of software licensing is an integral part of the control framework of any well-run business. 54 per cent of organizations believe Cloud services have enhanced their competitiveness. As well as bringing significant business advantage there is also complexity for a company to migrate IT services to the cloud in what is fast becoming a hybrid environment.

“Given the unique impact that various Cloud approaches have on SAM, organizations will find that transitioning to the Cloud will likely change the emphasis of their SAM programs. Organizations should therefore carefully and proactively consider the impact their Cloud strategy has on their SAM programs in general and specifically on their software licensing. With an active Special Interest Group on License Value Management within CIF, I am convinced Snow Software will be playing a vital and energetic role in helping educate the end user community,” he concluded.