Snow extends Nordics presence with regional office in Helsinki, Finland

July 7 2015: Snow Software, the leading developer of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions that enable organizations to optimize their software licensing and costs, today announced a new regional sales offices in Helsinki, Finland. The expansion is part of Snow’s continued global expansion plan that has seen year-on-year revenues increase by more than 60 per cent for the last five years.

The Helsinki office will come under the responsibility of Marko Alén, Regional Business Manager for Snow in Finland. Marko explained the rationale behind the latest office opening: “At Snow, we very much believe that the only way to really establish and build a happy customer base is to invest in having the right people located in the local markets. Establishing this office in Helsinki is a clear sign of our commitment to working with organizations in Finland, understanding their unique requirements and providing them with local expertise and support.” 

According to Alén, Finland is unique among the Nordics countries when it comes to managing software assets and licenses: “Most of the sizeable organizations in Finland don’t yet have a full SAM solution. They do sometimes have an IT asset inventory solution, so the challenge for a SAM vendor is to fit in with these established solutions. This is already proving to be a real opportunity for Snow, thanks to our ability to integrate quickly and seamlessly with a growing number of third-party inventory solutions.”

Snow brings to Finland a comprehensive portfolio of Software License Optimization & Entitlement (SLOE) solutions designed to help organizations manage all their key software investments, from mobile devices to desktop computing, datacenters to cloud-hosted applications. 

Snow Software Nordic Regional Business Manager, Urban Bucht, commented on Snow’s continued growth: “We are very pleased to welcome our new colleagues in Finland to our Snow team. The message to our present and future customers is very clear – wherever you are, we will be there to offer you both local support and SAM expertise.”

Snow Software recently exceeded 330 employees across its global operations and now operates 15 regional offices, three development centers and seven regional support teams.

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About Snow Software 

Snow’s Mission is to stop organizations paying too high a price for the software they consume.

To bring transparency and fairness to the licensing of software across the network, Snow provides on-premise and cloudbased Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions that safeguard the US $320 billion spent each year on enterprise software: ensuring organizations realize the full benefit of optimized licensing.

Snow is the largest dedicated developer of SAM solutions, headquartered in Sweden with more than 330 staff across 15 regional locations, three development centers and local support teams in seven territories.