New Snow Digital Access Estimator for SAP® Delivers Licensing Transparency for SAP Digital Access

Stockholm, Sweden, September 5, 2018: Snow Software (Snow), the global leader in Software Asset Management (SAM) and Cloud Spend Management solutions, today unveiled enhancements to its Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software solution in response to SAP’s recent licensing model changes. In April, SAP introduced a new pricing model for “Digital Access” licensing shifting from user-based licensing to licensing based on the number of “digital documents” created by the system.

Snow’s SAP Development Team has built logic into Snow Optimizer for SAP Software adding more value and automation than SAP’s own Indirect Access measurement tool that was launched earlier this summer to its customers.

Snow’s new Digital Access Estimator for SAP® provides a simplified, automated method for calculating costs under the Digital Access license model.  An SAP-certified application, Snow Optimizer for SAP Software is the first-to-market solution providing SAP customers with the visibility and insight to make educated decisions on when and how to adopt the new licensing options, while avoiding unnecessary costs and liabilities. 

“SAP is often one of the largest software budget items for an organization, and while the notion of ‘results-oriented’ licensing is good, customers need a fair and transparent way to view document creation and understand how much the new pay-for-value model will cost,” said Peter Björkman, CTO at Snow Software. “Snow Optimizer for SAP Software is the only solution available to give customers the control and visibility they need to choose the license model that make the most sense for their organization and avoids unnecessary costs or compliance issues.”

Digital Access Estimator for SAP is available for customers today. For more information, please visit