Informatica Increases Technology Intelligence with Snow Software

The Snow platform will provide a comprehensive and actionable picture of Informatica’s IT operations

Stockholm and Austin, Texas – September 4, 2019 – Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, today announced that Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management leader, has selected the Snow platform to enable enhanced insight and manageability of their global IT operations. With Snow, Informatica is looking to gain unparalleled visibility across their technology landscape, enriching the everyday operations that drive intelligent digital disruption.

Informatica is the leader in enterprise cloud data management with more than 9,000 customers over the past 25 years. Previously, the company was using software asset management capabilities from an IT service management (ITSM) provider. In order to support ongoing digital transformation initiatives, increased cloud usage and continued innovation, Informatica needed more complete and comprehensive data on its entire technology ecosystem. The team required a purpose-built platform that could provide enhanced visibility into IT operations and ensure technology investments were delivering maximum value for the business.

“We brought Snow in because of the changing operations requirements as Informatica moves more capabilities to the cloud,” said Richard Scott, Vice President of IT Operations at Informatica. “Managing new cloud capabilities, new tools and increased risks meant we needed a new platform that could offer a clear understanding of exactly what was happening in our ecosystem. All of the positive things about cloud – it is easy to deploy, easy to use, extremely elastic – are challenges when trying to control an environment and understand it from a cost and asset management perspective. Users now have all the power to get you out of compliance, yet they don’t have any of the accountability or responsibility to keep you in compliance.”

The Snow platform will provide a comprehensive view of Informatica’s technology landscape, empowering the organization to see and optimize all usage across on-premises, hybrid, cloud and even unsanctioned applications.

“We selected Snow due to the overall completeness of the product as well as the completeness of the data,” said Scott. “Ultimately, the intelligence from the Snow platform gives us the ability to better control our infrastructure so we can support the business today and scale for the future.”

In addition to overall visibility, Informatica is leveraging Snow’s advanced capabilities for SaaS and Oracle to tackle two of their biggest challenges. They also plan to integrate Snow data with their ITSM platform to improve IT service delivery.

“Informatica is helping thousands of organizations tap into the power of their data, and Snow is proud to support them in that mission,” said Ken Schock, Chief Revenue Officer at Snow. “To deliver cutting-edge technology, innovators like Informatica need complete visibility and manageability of their IT landscape. Snow’s commitment to usability combined with the world’s largest crowdsourced data intelligence service ensures we can provide actionable technology intelligence even in the most complex digital environments.”

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