Australia Post Delivers IT Operations Enhancements with Snow Software

Increased visibility into technology ecosystem has empowered Australia Post to stamp out inefficiencies and achieve strategic business objectives

Stockholm and Sydney – August 29, 2019 – Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, today announced that Australia Post is using the Snow platform to optimize IT operations, gain insight into its technology ecosystem and manage application sprawl. As the organization responsible for delivering over 3 billion items and managing more than 4,000 post offices nationally, Australia Post has a government mandate to deliver quality service while also earning a profit. This requires Australia Post to run its IT ecosystem as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to support the operation at scale.

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes worth of data created around the globe. The ability to collect, analyze and understand vast amounts of data is a vital part of doing business, yet it has become increasingly complex for enterprises. Australia Post has partnered with Snow to gain a deep understanding of their IT ecosystem – from high-level technology asset trends at their post offices and delivery centers to the granular details of which versions of operating systems are in use across the entire organization. With this visibility, Australia Post can redistribute assets based on usage, address technology anomalies and ensure maximum value from technology investments.

“This latest partnership will give us greater insight into the performance of our software, hardware and applications assets,” said Matt Whykes, Manager of IT Billing and Finance at Australia Post. “Like many other IT departments, time is always of the essence, and Snow’s rapid turnaround with their in-depth reports means we save time and gain greater insight from that data. We’ve already begun using Snow to manage technology assets in circulation. For example, we’re able to identify idle laptops and have them redistributed to areas in need, and the accuracy of our laptop and desktop fleet data has increased from 40% to 95%. Snow’s intelligence helps us understand and manage the relationship between user, application and the device. The partnership means we can now recognize and meter well over 8,000 cloud/SaaS applications, which is a real gain for Australia Post.”

“Today’s public sector organizations face a variety of challenges including the migration and optimization of the cloud, implementation of data privacy measures, control of technology sprawl and the ability to ensure efficient IT spend,” said Ken Schock, Chief Revenue Officer at Snow. “Without accurate intelligence around their technology ecosystems, CIOs and IT teams are unable to contribute to strategic business opportunities, and instead are forced into reactively deal with unanticipated technical issues. Snow empowers IT leaders with the insights needed to put the focus back into the growth and success of the business.”

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