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The Millennials aren’t just coming, they’re in charge

And it’s changing the way your organization needs to manage technology

Matt Fisher looks at the accelerating pace that Millennials are introducing new technologies into the workplace, and how the risks they represent need – and can – be managed.

Cloud Shock & how to avoid it

What is it & why CFOs are demanding action

Cloud Shock is a phenomenon rapidly spreading across boardrooms around the world and getting a lot of executives hot under the collar.  Matt Fisher explores how to avoid the wrath of the CFO.

Are You a Guardian, a Decision Maker or a Consumer?

Whatever your primary role, our aim is to help you do it better

The types of role accessing and using information from the Snow platform is growing.  Matt Fisher, SVP Product Strategy, introduces the three core stakeholder types: Guardians, Decision Makers and Consumers, and explains how Snow is addressing their needs.

Discover, Determine, Decide & Do

The 4Ds of managing technology spend & consumption

Matt Fisher discusses a new framework of how the different stakeholders are involved in the processes of managing technology spend and consumption.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools 2018: Snow Placed as a Leader

It took a while, but it was worth the wait!

Back in June 2016, Matt Fisher voiced his desire to see Gartner publish a Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management. In August 2017, he was able to confirm that it was finally on the way. Now it’s here!

Putting people at the heart of the platform

Why technology, process or data in isolation can’t determine success

Snow presents a fourth dimension in platforms – the People Platform.   An approach that brings together cutting-edge technology, easy-to-adopt (and adapt) automated workflows and the most meaningful information and intelligence about what technology is being consumed by the wider organization. We are bringing these together with the sole purpose of helping the people making business decisions to do so faster, more effectively and with the ability to quickly prove the value delivered by those decisions.  

The Disruption Gap is Real – and What We’re Doing About It

Bridging the Gap with Cloud Apps Discovery and Tracking

The Disruption Gap is real with the ever-increasing SaaS adoption by the business without IT’s involvement. Matt Fisher looks at the issues and discusses how Snow can help bridge the Gap with comprehensive capabilities for discovering and tracking the use of cloud-based applications that IT can embrace delivering critical insight and control across technology decisions in the organization.


What’s in a name?

Is Software Asset Management just too old school to be cool?

Software Asset Management has had to evolve for the needs of today. Should it still be referred to as Software Asset Management? Matt Fisher charts its evolution.


The GDPR compliance Emergency Kit – How to address three of the most crucial obligations.

Your questions about the GDPR answered

On December 6, Snow joined forces with experts from Deloitte to help organizations around the world prepare for the introduction of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018.  You can view an on-demand version of the webinar here.

Decision paralysis – how to get started on the GDPR

One approach is to first look at the IT estate and identify the applications that are likely to be used to access personal customer data

The acronym “GDPR” seems innocuous enough, however, what it stands for, i.e. the new General Data Protection Regulation certainly is not. This legal obligation, affecting any organization around the world that does business in Europe (regardless of HQ location), results in stringent demands on the protection and management of personal data.