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Product Features

Important Security Updates for Snow License Manager 

Snow Software recently detected two vulnerabilities impacting Snow License Manager (SLM) as part of our regular, proactive penetration testing of our products, a program that we run to ensure robust security across our platforms. At this time, no one has exploited either vulnerability or exposed data, but we recommend that all on-premises customers with Snow License Manager 9.30.1 and earlier upgrade immediately. Read the full post on Snow Globe to get all the details.

Experience Better Container Visibility and
Anomaly Detection With Snow Cloud Cost

Snow Cloud Cost, our solution that displays usage and cost across public cloud account, has undergone significant advancements including:

Learn about all the new enhancements for Snow Cloud Cost and other product updates in What’s New at Snow Software blog post.

Our next newsletter will delve into our upcoming AI enhancements for Snow Cloud Cost.

Sign Up for Our Free Cloud License Visibility Beta

Most SAM professionals suspect they might be overspending on cloud licenses but lack the visibility to do anything about it.

We have developed a capability to help you see your BYOL eligible Windows Server virtual machines on Azure.

Sign up for our free beta by contacting your Snow account manager or commenting on this post in the Snow Globe community.

Experience Significant Performance Improvements
With Snow ITSM Enhancer for ServiceNow

Our Snow ITSM Enhancer for ServiceNow customers can now gain improved performance by implementing indexes.

This improvement is realized in the form of faster processing and aggregation of Snow SAM data into ServiceNow.

Implementing indexes provides the most benefits for ITSM Enhancer for ServiceNow environments that contain approximately 20,000 to 70,000 devices.

Learn how to use the ServiceNow Guided Setup steps to create performance-increasing indexes in our Snow Globe article, “How to implement Snow for ServiceNow performance improvements”.

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