Benefits of Snow Support

With centers in seven territories, no other SAM vendor matches Snow for local support

“Very efficient response to my query which was then resolved without the need for any follow up. This has been the same on each occasion.” Large Public Sector Organization

Snow Software offers support globally with local first-line presence and local language. Currently, Snow Software delivers local technical support from centers in the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia. Every member in Snow's Global Support team has deep knowledge of Snow Software’s products and a solid IT and Infrastructure background.  No other SAM vendor offers this depth of local support or subject matter expertise. 

Talk to experts

Whether you need help with deploying agents, understanding reporting options or need to report what appears to be a bug, Snow's Global Support team is staffed by experts who will help pinpoint and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.  All local support centers use collaborative systems to help ensure customers benefit from previous experiences, no matter where they are located. 

“Impressed with the response time and the enthusiasm of the operative.” Leading Healthcare Provider

Support when you need it

Snow Global Support offers business hours (9am to 5pm) support across US time zones, European time zones, Sydney time zone for Australia-Pacific and the Brazilian time zone for Latin America [see below for contact details]. You can raise a case either via email or here. Support tickets are usually acknowledged within one hour of submission (during working hours) and we aim to resolve issues within five working days. 

“I was very happy with the response and solution I was offered and that additional advice and help that was offered above and beyond my initial incident.” Large Public Sector Organization

Enjoy the benefits of regular product updates

Included in the annual Software License and Support agreement is the ability to upgrade, at no additional cost, to the latest versions of Snow´s solutions and components you have purchased. 


US Support

+1 512-646-2506


US, Canada, & Latin America

APAC Support

+ 61 2 9159 1801


Asia Pacific

Germany (DACH) - Support

+49 (0)711 722 486 59


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland & Italy


United Kingdom Support

+44 (0)1344 371210


United Kingdom, United Arabic Emirates & India

Nordics - Nordiska Support

+46 (0) 840 839 390


Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & East Europe


+31 (0) 237 996 617


The Netherlands, Belgium, France & Luxembourg

SAP Support

+49 40 300 39 67 0


SAP worldwide

South America Support

+55 (0) 800 883 60 83


Latin America