Software Asset Management & The CFO

Optimize spend, maximize value & minimize risks, why SAM helps you control IT spend & risk

The buck stops with you. Ultimately, as CFO you’re responsible for managing the organization’s financial position; not just how much it spends, but how wisely it spends available budgets and avoids unexpected costs.

It’s a lot to take in. Which means you don’t have time for Software Asset Management.

But software, cloud subscriptions, cloud infrastructure, virtual machines, data center operations and software compliance audits are all eating ever-more of the organization’s precious budget.

That makes Software Asset Management the CFO’s best friend for controlling IT spend and risk.

Drive digital transformation

It is not just IT that is responsible for driving the organization’s Digital Transformation.  Leading CIOs are closely aligned with the needs and goals of their business partners but have a financial responsibility to ensure efficient allocation of scarce resources.  They need full insight into how technology is being used, especially SaaS application and IaaS environment usage for which there is often little visibility.  They need advanced analytics that gives an integrated view of application and environment use across on-prem, cloud, and mobile. Analytics that provides justification for rapidly increasing cloud spend. 

That’s Software Asset Management.

Eliminate overspend & waste

You wouldn’t let an employee buy a new desk if there was one already going spare. So why allow the organization to buy software and cloud services  it doesn’t need or agree to support terms that far outweigh the current
use of the applications to be covered? Understand where the slack is in software assets and you can reallocate them across the organization to save and substantially cut waste.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Avoid unbudgeted costs

What’s the worst kind of cost? Unbudgeted cost. With a 70% chance that your organization will be audited by at least one software vendor in the next 12 months, unless you have full visibility of your current Effective License Position, you can expect the unexpected in terms of unbudgeted software costs. What’s worse; you probably didn’t need all of the cloud resources and software in the first place.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Software Asset Management = Snow

Snow’s Software Asset Management platform is used by more than 4,500 organizations around the world to manage the cost and effectiveness of software and hardware investments. For the CFO and
finance / procurement teams, that means having visibility of all software and cloud assets, license entitlements and usage. Shared access with other SAM stakeholders makes it easy to implement and enforce
processes that deliver better financials for the organization.

CFOs in the Know choose Snow.