SAM & The Procurement Manager

Get full access to management reports & stop the organization paying too much for software

You’re the organization’s go-to person for software procurement. They know that if they need it fast and at a good price, you’re the person for the job.

You don’t need a Software Asset Management solution.

Or do you? When you’re making that purchase of new software licenses, are you sure you don’t already have spare entitlements lying around? ? When you’re getting ready to purchase a new cloud service as part of a cloud-first initiative, do you know if any departments have bought subscriptions under their own budget? When you’re negotiating the annual support agreement, do you know how many copies of the application are actually being used?

Software Asset Management could just be your best friend.

Make the right purchases at the right time

Users’ need for new software is insatiable, whether on the desktop, mobile or in a virtual datacenter. The more they have, the more they use, the more they want. But are their demands justified? By having complete visibility of software and cloud usage and entitlements, Procurement Managers can right-size and reuse existing investments or offer better-value alternatives that save the organization money.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Negotiate from a position of strength

You pride yourself on getting a great deal from suppliers. Your negotiation tactics are legendary. But you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Wouldn’t it be more effective to base negotiations knowing software subscriptions and installs and their usage over time, rather than guesswork? You could see exactly how many applications have been deployed, what SaaS subscriptions are in use, what cloud services are being used in public clouds, what versions of each and how much they are being used.

That’s Software Asset Management.

Demonstrate your value

You know you’re good. But wouldn’t it be great to show the value you bring to the organization in hard facts? Show cost and utilization for cloud services …How about management reports that show how cloud and software expenditure or vendor agreement costs have changed year on year, or how software utilization is fully optimized?

That’s Software Asset Management.

Software Asset Management = Snow

Snow’s Software Asset Management platform is used by more than 4,500 organizations around the world to help all stakeholders involved in SAM – from the SAM managers themselves, to security, finance and procurement – make the right decisions when it comes to managing the software lifecycle.

Procurement Managers like you get immediate and full access to management reports and detailed usage information designed to stop the organization from paying too much money for the software and cloud services it needs.

Procurement Managers in the know choose Snow.