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Proactively manage software installs & entitlements to drive tangible savings & reduce risk

Unlike your colleagues addressed by our other solutions pages, you don’t need to be convinced about the need for Software Asset Management. You already know how a proactive approach to managing software installs, usage and entitlements can drive tangible savings and risk reductions.

You know all the Software Asset Management theory.

But perhaps you’ve struggled to put that theory into practice so far? Perhaps your SAM technology has let you down at crucial moments?

Audit Defense

You know that your organization has a 70% chance of being audited by at least one vendor this year. You need to be prepared. That means having an Effective Licensing Position that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. And it’s not just one vendor you’re managing, but more likely 10 or 20 or even more.

Managing all commercial software publishers

That means you need a SAM solution that’s designed to support all vendors and all licensing programs, ideally out-of- the-box. You want a solution that can automatically calculate an Effective License Position based on accurate inventory and usage reconciled against the prevailing license agreements and purchase histories.

Complete network coverage

Desktop software compliance is so yesterday. Today’s audit battlefields are in the datacenter and on mobile platforms. You know you’re at risk if you don’t have complete visibility of all devices, from mobile to desktop, datacenter to cloud, together with all the appropriate license metrics. You want a solution that can help identify indirect usage of SAP systems as easily as it can tell you what mobile devices are consuming Microsoft office licenses.

License Optimization

It’s not all about counting licenses and defending against audits. You want to drive value to the organization and proactively optimize software licensing. You want a solution that not only helps you identify ways to do this, but provides the reporting to prove Software Asset Management’s value to the rest of the organization.


But you don’t have time to create all these reports for your Finance, IT and Procurement colleagues, especially in a world of increasingly-decentralized IT spend. Budget holders and other authorized
stakeholders need to be able to answer their own questions, which means they need an easy way to generate the reports that are right for them, further helping the adoption of SAM best practices
across the organization.

Software Asset Management = Snow

With more than 6,000 customers large and small worldwide, Snow is the most popular SAM platform, supported by more certified professionals than any other solution. From small desktop estates to multi-platform networks with more than 200,000 devices of all shapes and sizes, Snow is the choice for organizations that want to drive real-world cost savings and demonstrate tangible business benefits.

Learn more about Snow License Manager and the associated Snow solutions to help you manage mobile, SAP, Oracle, Virtualization and more.



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