Enterprise Mobility Management

Cost-effectively configure and manage the full lifecycle of mobile devices


Mobile is the new workplace. Phones and tablets have become as critical as PCs for today’s workers to be productive. They need to access the corporate network – not just email, contacts and calendars but apps, collaboration tools and corporate data – to be really effective and add value to the business.

Users’ expectations mean that these devices need to be supported just like any other connected device. At the same time the organization needs to control and secure these devices and apps in order to protect the company from data leakage, security breaches and unplanned software license costs.

Good Mobile Management = security, controls and increased productivity


To bridge the gap between user flexibility and organizational cost, ensure an Enterprise Mobility Management solution is in place to streamline management of mobile devices, provide the necessary levels of security while enabling users to easily access corporate data and apps.

Snow Device Manager is a complete Enterprise Mobility Management solution where the native user experience is unaffected – no extra keystrokes, logins or authentication processes are required.

For the organization, it brings the benefit of centrally managing all devices, all operating systems and all mobile deployments.

Snow Device Manager is a platform for managing software and apps across all platforms and locations.

Snow Device Manager:

  • Automates provision of devices with correctly configured apps and security settings
  • Securely configures devices protecting against breaches of security policies
  • Separates personal from corporate data and restricts what can be shared
  • Provides full insight into app usage – assuring compliance and cost management

Complete Mobile Management = full insight into user behavior, unaffected user experience


Snow Device Manager brings Mobile Device Management (MDM) functionality to the enterprise and adds content and application management, making it a full-fledged Enterprise Mobility Management solution (EMM). Combined with other Snow solutions, it adds best-in- practice SAM functionality to handle the costs of mobile apps and hardware.

Organizations can track application installs across all common mobile platforms, including iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices to ensure they are getting the full benefit of entitlement rights without creating compliance issues.

Use Snow Device Manager for:

  • Over-the- air configuration of mobile devices
  • Full App Management on Mobile Devices
  • Secure access to internal systems
  • Built-in document management
  • Separating personal from corporate data in BYOD and BYOA scenarios
  • Running On Premise or in the Cloud
  • Mobile SAM

Enterprise Mobility Management = empowered users with organizational control

  • Securely manages all aspects of device lifecycle
  • Separates corporate and personal data
  • Provides mobile devices with correctly configured apps and security settings

Whether providing corporately owned devices that are privately enabled (COPE) or managing BYOD (bring your own device), Snow Device Manager’s service portal enables users to self provision corporate sanctioned and commonly requested software and apps without the need to involve the helpdesk. In the background the organization can manage settings and apps and make available or restrict myriad apps and settings it chooses.