Oracle Review Services

Lower the licensing costs for your Oracle databases with Snow License Manager and the service Snow Oracle Compliance Review

Snow Software and selected accredited partners can help organizations manage their investment in Oracle licenses by providing a range of services, from configuration and deployment of the Snow Oracle Management Option (Snow OMO), through to performing an annual baseline exercise to ensure the organization remains compliant with Oracle licensing rules. Oracle-related services include:

Technical implementation of Snow OMO

Certified Snow Engineers will install the latest version of the Snow Oracle Management Option (Snow OMO), provide installation packages for your clients and perform a basic system overhaul. As soon as the installation is complete, the system will automatically start to collect all the necessary data about your Oracle servers and databases.

Initial Oracle Baseline Compliance Review

SAM experts from Snow or an accredited partner will register your Oracle licenses and the related agreements in the Snow License Manager repository.  Any discrepancies between the organization’s entitlements and what is registered with Oracle will be investigated and resolved by an Oracle licensing expert. 

With the entitlement records in place, and audit information returned from the Oracle clients, a reconciliation of the current compliance position is performed, highlighting any over and under-licensing issues. As part of this process, a fully-populated Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) is prepared.

Annual Oracle Compliance Review

As with the Baseline Review above, Snow and accredited partners can offer an ongoing annual reconciliation of the current license compliance status based on the inventoried data in relation to the updated contracts and licenses in Snow License Manager.  The annual review includes a change report to highlight differences in licensing and entitlements.