Automation Platform: Foundation Course on Snow Academy

An ONLINE Course

Who Should Attend

  • Snow License Manager Users
  • Software Asset Managers
  • IT Asset Managers
  • Snow Software Partners
  • Anyone that has worked with previous versions of Snow License Manager and wants to learn the new functionalities


Entrance Requirement

  • Certified Snow Professional (CSP), Snow License Manager User, or Certifies Snow Specialist (CSS)


During this one-day certified training course we will build on the Snow License Manager User course.
The course is aimed at experienced and certified Snow License Manager Users or Certified Snow Specialists (CSS), and focuses on some additional core subjects.
During this course you will learn how Snow License Manager uses built-in rules and functions to enable you to optimize your estate.
We will also expand on how to use the enhanced metrics and assignments, how to use the import and export functions to quickly and safely update the information in Snow License Manager and also how to disseminate that information to key stakeholders.

Course outline

  • Datacenter 
  • SQL Server
  • Extended Coverage
  • License Normalization
  • Office 365
  • Custom compare values
  • Import/Export/MLS
  • Exam

International locations

Courses are held regularly in a number of international locations. Bespoke sessions can be held in in one of our regional offices or on-site at customers or partners. Find available course dates in our Training Calendar or send your inquiries to

Automation Platform: Foundation Course


During this training course users will review the use of Snow Automation Platform, discuss the various opportunities where it can be impactful, AP capabilities, usage scenarios, and how it enables you to maximize your return on the value of your Snow investment. You will learn about the benefits of Self Service and the architecture behind Snow Automation Platform.


• Support • Pre-Sales • Internal • Snow Partners


None. This should be the first course on the journey to a solid foundation to develop your AP Snow-how.


Snow Academy Online or request a classroom training quote


Understanding the Basics of AP
AP Terminology
The Core Values of the product
Start Building Your Foundation
Illustrating the possibilities within AP through War Stories
Understanding the AP Workflow


Upon course completion, you will be able to provide an overview of the AP workflow, use the core values to explain how AP can optimize your ROI and explain what AP can automate for your organization



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