White papers & Guides

Understanding the business value and possibilities is a prerequisite for a successful SAM investment.

5 Tips To Reduce Your AWS Costs

Identify potential costs savings in your AWS bill with these five best practices 

Ebook: Redefining Software Asset Management in the Age of the Cloud

The way we manage software has changed forever. As digital transformation shifts software to the cloud, the software audits which in many companies represent the bread and butter of software asset management (SAM), are becoming a thing of the past.

Cloud Manager’s Guide to Public Cloud Cost Savings

A cheat sheet to save and optimize costs on Microsoft Azure, AWS and other public cloud services 

Get Control of Adobe Creative Cloud Usage and Spend

Discover how to understand and manage Adobe Creative Cloud usage and costs 

How to Take Control of Your Oracle Estate

Review key areas where you can maintain control and avoid unnecessary overspend of Oracle 

5 Ways to Cut Spending on Your SAP® Software

Reduce SAP® licensing costs and minimize audit risk with these five tips 

The Definitive Guide to Azure Cost Optimization

Learn the top 9 ways to effectively manage costs on Microsoft Azure 

Embracing SaaS Without Breaking The Bank

A look at how SaaS adoption is affecting organizations from visibility to cost

Webinar: The Basics of Software Asset Management

Get a glimpse of what you can expect from SAM in the future and what impact technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have.

A Perspective On Rightsizing Your Hybrid Cloud Costs: The Shortcut To Cloud Cost Savings

Explore where you need to look to find cost-saving opportunities within your public, private and hybrid cloud environments

Rightsize your SaaS spend: A Guide for IT Leaders

This 10 minute guide explores why enterprise visibility of your SaaS applications is essential for rightsizing your costs.

Rightsizing Your Enterprise Applications Software Costs

A guide to help IT leaders ensure their usage and spend across IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft is effective and cost-efficient



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