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Online - Webinar

Why you still need HAM to do SAM

Proactively manage your hardware assets and you’ll reap the benefits for both HAM and SAM!

With so much focus on the new software license models and cloud services, organisations need to remember the importance hardware asset management (HAM) plays in contributing to good SAM. Organisations are just as guilty of overspending on hardware assets as they are on software assets, but with good technology you can mitigate hardware risks, save money, and manage the lifecycle of your hardware and software assets effectively.

Effective HAM processes, policies and the ability to see what assets you have, will help you streamline your IT estate and reduce spending on hardware and software. Without proactive HAM you will find yourself purchasing licenses for devices that are hidden in someone’s desk, or are not being used effectively. This will impact prices for things like your software agreements and the company wide rule that Microsoft insists on for SMBs.

So, don’t forget about your hardware assets. Proactively manage them and you’ll reap the benefits for both HAM and SAM!

  • DATE: FRIday 7th OCTOber

  • session time: 10:00am