Multinational payment company

Snow’s Compatibility with ServiceNow proves to be a ‘Game Changer’ for Payment Company

"Snow has been a game-changer for us, integrating with ServiceNow to truly optimize our CMDB. The quality and accuracy of the normalized data inventory we get from Snow has dramatically improved the ability for our Help Desk to reconcile issues quickly and effectively." 

Senior Business Manager




Company Background

A multinational corporation that provides technology for electronic payment transactions.


Relying on existing software tools left the organization struggling with limited inventory capabilities, unreliable application data, and the inability to synchronize with its ServiceNow platform, hindering the timely resolution of Help Desk issues.

Snow’s Contribution

By seamlessly integrating with ServiceNow, Snow’s trio of solutions (Snow License Manager, Snow Inventory and Snow Integration Manager) enabled the company to facilitate a highly efficient and reliable process to significantly enhance user support.  

Benefits and ROI

Within just a few weeks of installation, the organization had aligned its Software Asset Management (SAM) with ITSM for increased efficiency, while also laying the foundation for a robust and dynamic CMDB.

Snow SAM platform accelerates problem resolution boosting productivity and compliance

A global leader in secure electronic POS solutions, the company provides products, services and expertise that enable electronic payment and point-of-sale transactions. Supporting clients and partners in more than 150 countries, the firm connects some 27 million payment devices to the cloud. Meanwhile, its IT landscape encompasses approximately 2,000 different applications across 10,000 end points.
Recently, the payment solutions provider experienced a number of challenges in attempting to obtain comprehensive software information on its devices, while simultaneously executing an ITSM rollout of ServiceNow. Although the organization was relying on Microsoft SCCM to build its software inventory, the resulting data proved to be extremely limited. As a result, the lack of accuracy and usability of data was causing numerous headaches for Help Desk personnel.
“When our users encounter issues with their machines, it is critical that our service team has an accurate inventory of that person’s hardware and software, as it makes it much easier to quickly and effectively resolve problems,” explains a senior business manager at the company. “While ServiceNow is a great tool, it doesn’t collect the level of information or build the inventory that we needed.”

So, the company engaged Snow to facilitate its desired outcomes. As an authorized ServiceNow integration partner, Snow is uniquely positioned to bolster the ITSM solution with the valuable intelligence required to extract the needed data to both maximize service desk efficiency and ensure high user productivity.
Then Snow Software Recognition Service — which can distinguish more than 280,000 applications from 46,000+ vendors — normalized the data, providing the firm with a precise inventory view.
Next, a Snow Integration Connector was administered to extract the clean and accurate data and synchronize it within ServiceNow. In addition to the standard integration, the Snow teams also provided customizations to the existing connector to add supplemental functionality that is not available out of the box. 

The company used the Snow SAM platform to set up configuration items within the CMDB, including a mix of SQL scripts, the Snow RestAPI, and a variety of custom requirements such as data transformation, custom fields, and mapping configuration items to CI classes. By enabling the normalized computer and application data to be pushed into the CMDB, the Snow products have given the company a strong foundation as it builds out its capabilities in the ITSM space.

As a result of the Snow solution, the company is now able to accelerate problem resolution with access to key software data, including vendor name, title, version number and patch level. The ability to seamlessly work with its data means Help Desk tickets are being resolved much faster, boosting productivity and morale.

In addition, administrators are now better positioned to support change management processes with the capability to identify software and hardware that doesn’t comply with standards or requires upgrading, as well as easily facilitate new software deployments by confirming if appropriate licenses are in place.

"Snow has helped us significantly eliminate frustration and increase service satisfaction." 

Senior Business Manager

Combining the power of Snow’s SAM platform with ServiceNow has provided the organization with a complete and integrated solution for managing software and hardware use across the network. The firm even replaced SCCM with Snow Inventory Agent enterprise-wide to better meet their needs moving forward.

“Having accurate and constantly updated inventory in the ServiceNow data base enables our Help Desk to deliver much better support now,” the business manager acknowledges. “Snow has helped us eliminate frustration and significantly increase service satisfaction among our employees.”

Thanks to Snow, the organization has also established a formal SAM process with a solid understanding of its licensing position and compliance issues.

“Snow has been instrumental in helping us build our SAM capabilities, re-optimize software contracts with all our strategic vendors, and continue to achieve large cost savings,” the business manager reveals. “And we are confident that we now only pay for what we really need!”