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Snow Optimizer for SAP Software
With Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software, you can optimize and automate your SAP license management from a single integrated console.

SAP often represents an organization’s largest single IT cost. Considering this, paying for unused or unnecessarily expensive licenses is a luxury you simply can’t afford. Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software nips unintended overspend in the bud, starting with a consolidated view of detailed usage across the entire SAP estate. With the visibility to optimize and manage your SAP deployments, your administration team is able to manage contracts centrally, and take the lead when it comes to SAP license and contract negotiations.

Snow Optimizer makes the complex clear. It minimizes your exposure to financial and legal liabilities with automatic license administration, usage tracking, and automatic calculation of costs. Customers typically report a 20-30% saving on their SAP costs within weeks. Tame your software licensing with a powerful tool to shape your SAP licensing to your business needs.

Three highlights of Snow Optimizer for SAP Software
Eliminate wasted spend
Deep dive analysis to expose duplicate users, unused licenses, and unnecessary expensive license types. Free up your SAP administrators with automatic monitoring.
Calculate indirect access
Compare indirect access costs of current licenses to predicted costs under Digital Access and choose which license model is the best-fit for their organization.
Enable agile response
Allows administrators to adjust license types and distribution on the fly, using pre-defined rules to prevent unexpected costs.

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