SNOW OEM program

A consolidated, normalized view of all enterprise assets across on-prem, cloud and mobile? Imagine the possibilities.

Snow Software’s OEM Program provides leading software vendors the ability to leverage Snow’s repository of asset, configuration, and risk data to enrich their market solutions and provide immediate add-ons to their existing sales.

OEM Partner Benefits

Expand into new markets and grow deal size with a complimentary product with concrete ROI.


Leap frog competitors with the industry’s most comprehensive asset management solution.

Accelerate Time to Market

Leverage ready-made source of asset data, significantly reducing development effort and speeding time to market.

Get off the treadmill

Eliminate resource intensive data gathering with Snow’s catalog of 500K+ applications, continually curated by a team of 30+ analysts.

Available Snow modules
Discovery and Inventory

Collect comprehensive hardware and software asset data across the IT estate

Data Normalization

Normalize asset data with Snow’s community-sourced, professionally-validated recognition database built on application and hardware usage analysis of Snow's 4,500+ customers

Software Intelligence

Enrich asset data by adding context around software licensing rights, GDPR risk, and security vulnerability

Workflow Automation

Automate key processes to accelerate adoption and increase ROI

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The security game has fundamentally changed. As companies have become more mobile, and move data to the cloud, attack vectors have multiplied. Knowing “bad applications” isn’t enough to stop bad actors in the modern era. This is where Snow comes in. Snow builds a full picture of users, applications and systems and then enriches it with proprietary meta-data such as GDPR risk, access and threat vectors along with vulnerability information like up to date CVE and CPE information.
Identify unknown computers and devices such as non approved BYOD devices
Identify misconfigured devices including unpatched OS’s or applications and those with disabled firewalls
Use inventory data to identify non-normal usage patterns
Perform agentless scanning of firmware and IoT devices for vulnerability assessment
Enable near-network-scanning as part of Network Asset Management
Perform vulnerability identification with rich meta data associated with CVE records to prioritize remediation efforts more efficiently
Snow’s OEM solutions for ITSM vendors provide best in class discovery of assets, consumption of leading inventory systems and the only complete visibility solution across endpoints, servers, SAP, Oracle, VMs, IaaS, DaaS, mobile and cloud applications. Snow’s Software License Management solution gives ITSM partners another solution to sell, one that is complimentary to service management and drives real world, objective cost savings.
More Complete Asset Data. A standardized approach to naming, asset identification, and data cleansing provides an accurate representation of assets.
Automatic population and maintenance of the CMDB. Solves time and cost issues associated with manual maintenance, improving data quality
User Satisfaction. Provides runtime environment information including installed software versions, hardware, and user roles to resolve tickets up to 25% faster.
Accurate Information. Adding real-time license availability shortens time to process software access requests.
Accurate billing. IT Financial Management can be enriched with software usage information to enable accurate billing to the appropriate business unit.
IT Outsourcing Providers
Snow’s OEM solution for IT Outsourcers provides best in class discovery of assets, consumption of leading inventory systems and the only complete visibility solution across endpoints, servers, SAP, Oracle, VMs, IaaS, DaaS, mobile and cloud applications.
Be in complete control of the managed customer estate
Discover assets on network servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and cloud applications
Insight into applications and packages on managed devices drive insight into appropriate customer charges
Ability to provide detailed view of application utilization to customers in a managed workplace

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