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Snow Governance & Risk
With security breaches on the increase and personal data regulations becoming ever more stringent – how can you protect against the risk of a breach or fine?

Understanding and controlling your software data inventory is vital. Snow provides full visibility across the enterprise and more. It’s easy to see how many devices are in use; where they are; which applications are installed and who has access to them across on-premises, cloud and mobile devices. Specifically, Snow shows you which applications contain personal data and the type of personal data it is, allowing you to meet the requirements of many data protection regulations, including GDPR. When this powerful inventory data is cross referenced to the National Vulnerability Database and displayed on an intuitive dashboard, you can see exactly which vulnerabilities reside on your system and their criticality. Analysts predict that 99% of the vulnerabilities exploited by the end of 2020 will already be known. Snow gives you the insight you need to find them and focus remediation efforts on the most crucial.

Three highlights of Snow Governance & Risk
Automated discovery
Get a complete view of software vulnerabilities and personal data risks, across on-premises, mobile and cloud displayed on an easy to understand and act upon dashboard
Risk identification
Reveal all applications reported as vulnerable in the National Vulnerability Database and see where personal data is held to protect against financial, reputational or legislative risks
Continuous governance
Manage governance by ensuring personal data is monitored and protected to comply with data protection regulations, specifically GDPR

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