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Snow for BMC
Snow and BMC: The Best of Both Worlds

Quickly realize investment in BMC by automatically populating the BMC catalogs from Snow’s fully current and comprehensive inventory of hardware and software data.

Snow’s preferred partnership with BMC provides an out-of-the-box integration that enables customers to optimize, streamline and control all aspects of their IT operations. Using discovery tools, Snow collates a complete inventory of hardware and software data and normalizes it against Snow’s market-leading Software Recognition Services Catalog to provide identifiable software titles and versions. This consolidated data stream, together with a rich set of hardware details can be used to power and maintain the CMDB implementation.

Snow eliminates manual updates by automatically populating the software and hardware models within BMC. Systems are continuously monitored and the CMDB receives accurate reflections of the current configuration on a daily basis.

By taking advantage of the pre-processing Snow applies to the data, BMC customers and partners can reduce the effort and time-to-value needed to establish and maintain an up-to-date view of hardware and software assets across a large organization, supporting audit defense and spend optimization efforts.

Snow for BMC highlights
Build an effective CMDB
Create a clean and comprehensive CMDB that incorporates all hardware and software assets in your organization’s environment.
Empower your service desk
Accelerate problem resolution times and improve service quality with complete asset visibility.
Optimize your software licenses
Ensure your software catalog is up to date so you can develop a reliable effective license position for key vendors.

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