Snow Automation Platform

Automate key Software Asset Management, Cloud and mobile processes to accelerate adoption & increase ROI



Snow Automation Platform provides organizations with the capabilities to automate and integrate a diverse range of business processes, leading to increased value and effectiveness of your Software Asset Management (SAM) program, your cloud strategy, and device management. 

The platform facilitates communication between the Snow SAM platform and other business systems, automating processes such as software requests, license harvesting, cloud provisioning, and device enrollment. Snow Automation Platform extends the capabilities of Snow into your existing organizational processes.

By facilitating the transformation of massive numbers of unconnected manual tasks into automated processes, Snow Automation Platform delivers benefit not only to Software Asset Managers, but to all other stakeholders – including HR, procurement, finance, business 

Snow Automation Platform benefits at a glance

  • SAM Process Automation
  • A single interface for software, apps and cloud services
  • Increased user satisfaction and empowerment
  • Faster delivery times for software and licenses
  • Improved visibility of SAM in the wider organization
  • Increased ROI through bi-directional data exchange
  • Detailed statistics to enable better planning and cost budgeting

How it works

The Snow Automation Platform is the common technology that underpins more than 1500 workflow options, which can be packaged as ‘Automation Books’ to accelerate and streamline a wide variety of SAM-related processes, such as:

  • Software requests and approvals
  • Automated harvesting & subscription management
  • Device Management
  • Provision and decommission of cloud resources
  • Cost transparency and Uninstalls 
  • Permissions Management

In addition to SAM-related processes, Snow Automation Platform is capable of delivering greater value to the organization in areas such as: 

  • Integration to Helpdesk systems
  • User on-boarding
  • Controlling costs in the Cloud through virtual machine provisioning and removal
  • Reducing mobile device lifecycle costs

Automation books can be accessed directly from Snow’s library, created in partnership with Snow’s SAM experts or designed and modified in-product using the wizard interface.

Snow Automation Platform key features

  • Wizard-based and configuration based interface
  • More than 1500 Automation Book workflow options
  • Bi-directional API
  • Full PowerShell and Active Directory support 
  • Extensive third-party integration capabilities
  • Extensive reports and statistic capabilities



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