Independent Software Vendors

Protect revenues & intellectual property with effective own-brand self-declaration platform

Realizing the full value of software being used is a challenge that faces every software developer.  Compliance rates vary hugely from one geography to another and between different industry sectors.  For some organizations it’s all about volume, for others the cost of individual licenses can be very high.

Snow Software initially created its self-declaration audit platform to help Microsoft address the challenge of managing compliance across its millions of SME customers worldwide.  The fast and scalable solution provides organizations with a simple zero-footprint scan of the network, identifying the software installed and enabling the customer to check this against their purchasing records. Any shortfall can be reported automatically for resolution.

The Snow Self-Declaration Audit platform is now available to software vendors and auditors looking for a cost-effective way to protect their intellectual property and ensure their revenue streams are maximized.

Snow Self-Declaration platform

  • Own-brand Program Registration hub – customers can activate their self-audit from a central program website
  • Zero-footprint agent – customers are provided with the means to audit their network for installed software
  • Full installation reports – full reports on software installs are available through the program website
  • Report compliance or shortfalls – customers can upload proofs of entitlement to show applications are correctly licensed, or report shortfalls to the vendor
  • Vendor sign-off – all audits are signed-off by the vendor or authorized audit team before the customer is certified ‘compliant’

ISV Program Highlights

  • Fully branded interface and reporting engine
  • Custom agent to scan for specific product and vendor software
  • Zero residual footprint on customer networks
  • Rapid deployment and results
  • Easy customer adoption