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Oracle Removes Spatial and Graph Option from Official Price List – What Now?

Oracle recently removed Spatial and Graph from their official price list, making it free with all Oracle database editions. Christian Den Boer discusses what Oracle database customers need to know about this change.

Upgrading your software? Four considerations for a smooth experience

Professional Services Manager James Dalley offers tips on effectively upgrading your software with minimal issues

What The IT Evolution in 2019 Means for 2020

2019 was a roller coaster year for IT teams, and Snow's Ciri Haugh looks back at a few of the more interesting trends of the year

How Decentralized IT is Evolving the Role of CIO

A new report by IDG Connect and Snow Software looks at how the CIOs role is changing as a result of decentralized IT and the shift to the cloud

Snow Software and Embotics: Bringing Technology Intelligence to The Cloud

Snow President & CEO Vishal Rao shares his thoughts on the acquisition of Embotics

Looking ahead – what will be the biggest security threat of 2020?

Victoria Barber offers thoughts on what 2020 might hold for security and how businesses can prepare for the coming year


A deeper dive into Snow's new Oracle Compliance Engine and Dashboards to help businesses manage their Oracle estate more efficiently and effectively

Discover Your Secret SAM Superpowers

Every IT and SAM practitioner has a secret superpower (or two) that helps organizations overcome some of their biggest challenges, which ones do you identify with?

The rise of the digital native and the implications for IT organisations

Victoria Barber looks at how digital natives are already changing the workplace and creating new considerations for IT teams

How Snow Helps Manage the Risk of One Risk Manager

Snow's Jo Lawton-Davies sits down with one customer at a larger cybersecurity company to discuss how they manage risk