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SAP® BusinessObjects Licensing: How History Explains its Complexity

Understand the history behind BusinessObjects licensing and why it remains different from traditional SAP licensing

Make no mistake, although BusinessObjects has been part of the SAP portfolio for ten years, the way that it is licensed remains very different from the traditional licensing you find with ABAP-based SAP solutions. To better understand why, we should look back at the history of data analytics, business intelligence and BusinessObjects (commonly abbreviated as BOBJ). 

How CIOs and Business Units Can Be BFFs

How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership

How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership 

SAP Licensing – The Lowdown on Static Read

SAP Licensing

Last May, when Bill McDermott announced SAP’s empathy toward its customers and provided standardised scenarios relating to Indirect Access at Sapphire Now, even a cynic would have been forgiven for anticipating some substance around the new rules.

Diffusing an Oracle audit - PT III

Part 3: Gotchas 11 - 15

In the final instalment of his three-part series on how to fend off an Oracle audit, Richard Spithoven (Managing Partner at b.lay) looks at the data Oracle wants from your systems when an audit is a fact.

Diffusing an Oracle audit - PT II

Part 2: Gotchas 6 - 10

In the second instalment of his three-part series, Richard Spithoven scrutinizes Oracle contracts and entitlements in gotchas 6 through 10.

Don’t Be Held to Ransom

Snow releases script for discovering ransomware 

Ransomware is in the news again this morning as another attack has hit major organisations around the world. This strain of the virus, being dubbed “NotPetya” by Kaspersky Lab, has even infected the Chernobyl power plant’s cooling system, say the BBC

Fifteen Gotchas to Diffuse an Oracle Audit - PT I

Part one: gotchas 1-5

In this three-part series, Richard Spithoven, partner at license consultancy b.lay, helps you to outrival the powerful vendor. In this post, he outlines his first five gotchas.

Raging with the machine – the three phases of process automation

Reap the benefits of automation

There are three phases to process automation: doing things better, doing more things, and doing more things with less. With each phase comes maturity and benefits like improved quality, better consistency, reduced waste, and cost containment. Combined, the goal of automation is maintaining a competitive edge. What’s in it for your organization? How can you rage with the machine?

Three steps to determining Oracle compliance

How to prepare an Oracle self-assessment, audit response or annual renewal

Need a how-to on Oracle licensing? This three-step guide, complete with useful links and tips, is a must read for all new SAM managers who need to gain an understanding of how to determine compliance for your Oracle estate.

SAP Indirect Usage – Is SAP Changing the Nature of its Relationship with Customers?

Mitigate the risk of Indirect Access

Software giant SAP seems to have taken the love/ hate relationship with its customers to new heights recently. We take a look at why SAP has been doing this and what it might mean for the future of SAP’s customer base.  



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