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Software tamed. performance unleashed.

Snow’s world-leading Software Asset Management platform tames even the most complex digital environments, giving you visibility, control and game-changing business insight.

Software Asset Management
A single source of truth
Are you wasting money on licenses you don’t need? Or in the dark about the software and cloud services your company is using? Tame your tech with SAM – your single source of truth.
Strengthen your business with SAM
Software asset management addresses key business issues, delivers tangible benefits and creates new growth opportunities.
Optimize costs
Eliminate overspend, reuse assets, negotiate favorable terms from software vendors and avoid unbudgeted costs.
Achieve complete visibility
Automated discovery of all software and assets across desktop, datacenter, cloud, and mobile.
Increase business efficiency
SAM drives company-wide efficiencies, such as process automation, vendor management and better decision making.
Manage risk and compliance
Asset discovery is the starting point for GDPR compliance and risk reduction across your entire digital environment.
Our solution starts and stops with your business needs
From our suite of technologies, we put together a solution that’s tailored to your business. So, you get the products and services you need – nothing more, nothing less.
Arla Foods
Having a system that is able to categorize and present data in a compelling way is important, as it gives us that central control we need without adding further complexity.

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