On-Demand Webinar Optimize to Innovate: Preparing Your Tech Estate for Future Investments

Join us in this on-demand session as we discuss something we hear about from our customers quite often: innovating with little to no budget.

The traditional methodology in which SAM programs encourage cost savings and rebates won’t generate the results your organization needs to fund future innovations. The solution is optimizing your entire tech environment and reinvesting the savings you’ve found into initiatives, such as AI adoption. Organizations are actively embracing AI and other cutting-edge initiatives. Without quick and successful adoption of these technologies, your organization is at risk of being left behind. 

Tune in to hear from Snow Software EVP Becky Trevino and Long View Senior VP Sarah Morreau as they explore how to successfully: 

Becky Trevino Executive Vice President, Products Snow Software

Sarah Morreau Senior VP Long View Systems

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