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The Pros and Cons of Travel Apps and Websites

PCMag reviews the impact of technology on travelers and the potential risks they pose to organizations

Security Needs Versus Worker Accessibility: The Balancing Act In Evolving Technology

Snow CIO Al Pooley looks at the new balancing act that IT teams need to strike on Information Security Buzz

Gezginlerin çantasında artık teknoloji var

TRT Haber looks at how technology influences the travel experience, featuring report data from Snow

What reasons do travelers get angry with technology?

CNN reviews Snow data showing travelers frustrations with technology, offering insights into how providers need better visibility and manageability into their tools

Why are travelers frustrated with travel tech? (infographic)

New Snow data shows how technology impacts travelers and how difficult it can be for travel providers to keep up with technology experience expectations

GDPR Has Teeth – Don’t Let It Bite Your Business

CIO Al Pooley shares his thoughts on how businesses can ensure they are following GDPR guidelines and protect themselves from increasing fines coming from the EU Commission with MarTech Advisor