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What long-term changes will COVID-19 bring to ITAM?

Victoria Barber shares her perspective on the longer term impact of Covid-19 on the ITAM industry

Cloud security: shadowing Shadow IT

Cybersecurity Europe includes some of Snow’s worker behavior data to spotlight issues surrounding shadow IT

Cloud Migration planning

Jesse Stockall provides some critical advice for migrating your workloads to the cloud

10 ways to influence IT purchases when you don’t control the spend

CIO cites Snow’s data about IT leader’s spend sits within the organization

How To Embrace The Hybrid Cloud Reality And Get It Right

Jesse Stockall looks at how on-premises and public cloud is becoming more prevalent and what organizations need to consider when managing hybrid deployments

Why LG CNS is the most popular 'Multi Cloud'

ZDNet profiles LG CNS and their multicloud set up, highlighting Embotics (now Snow)