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Disconnecting from work while on vacation - Mission Impossible?

Human Capital looks at Snow findings on the inability of employees to disconnect from work while on vacation – and the potential risks posed by bringing work-assigned devices

Grupo Bandeirantes reduz custos de licença de software em R$12,5 milhões

Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação reduced their software license costs with Snow Software with Computerworld

Class Action Suit Filed Against Capital One Over Breach

Snow’s CIO Al Pooley shares some perspective on the impact of the Capital One data breach with Media Post, noting that every company needs to have mechanisms in place to responsibly disclose incidents, quickly assess the problem and take appropriate actions.  

Less Than a Quarter of Global Workers Disconnect From Work During Vacation

Yahoo Finance shares findings from a recent Snow survey that found global workers have a difficult time leaving their work at home, potentially creating additional risks and exposures for their employers.

How SMEs can reduce cyber-risk while going digital

Snow CIO Al Pooley looks at how organizations need to rethink their security posture and IT policies as the lines between work and personal are blurred on NZBusiness.

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7 Experts on Talent Engagement for a Multigenerational Workforce

HR Technologist looks at different engagement challenges based on generations, and Snow’s Rachel Mooney offers thoughts on how technology can enable engagement when there is investment and a culture of experimentation.