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Asset Management Mess? How to Get Organized

Dark Reading looks at how organizations discover and inventory their tech and includes tips from Snow’s Victoria Barber

Versteckte Risiken bei SaaS

Mark Lillywhite provides tips on how to identify and manage SaaS across your ecosystem

Managing public cloud: governance, security and costs

Jesse Stockall shares his perspective on how to manage, optimize and secure public cloud deployments

Podcast episode 83: COVID-19 and ITAM

Victoria Barber shares her insights on ITAM and Covid-19 with ITAM Review’s podcast

The surge of SaaS applications to aid remote working

Mark Lillywhite provides tips on how to manage increases in SaaS application use as organizations shift to remote work

What long-term changes will COVID-19 bring to ITAM?

Victoria Barber shares her perspective on the longer term impact of Covid-19 on the ITAM industry