Since we got Snow, we work more quickly and more effectively. Passing audits has become a lot simpler. In the past, without Snow, this would have been unthinkable.
SAM Hero Susanne Wittek, License Manager

Company Background

The SDK Insurance Group comprises three co-operative companies: health insurance, life assurance and general insurance. It is based in Stuttgart, Germany. SDK’s largest division, private health insurance, insures some 600,000 people and turned over close to €800m in 2016.


The Software Asset Management team of SDK had to complete the Microsoft SAM certification every year. The certification itself is demanding enough, but the complex company structure of SDK and the way licensing procurement is handled across its three decisions make the process even more difficult and time-consuming.

Why Snow

Snow License Manager gives SDK the desired visibility across its software estate, reducing the task of Microsoft certification to a minimum. The inventory data is valid and robust; the purchase data and documentation are comprehensive and transparent.


Snow helped SDK achieve its goals quickly because Snow License Manager gives the insurer full visibility of its software 24/7. Microsoft certification is renewed with a minimum of fuss.