The Snow Device Manager helps us in four ways, It gives us better control over the mobile devices in our network, increases device and data security standardizes the configuration, and saves much of the time we used to manually set up and manage the devices.
Yves von Brück
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Logiway is the leading IT dealer for non-profitorganizations in Germany. Since 2002, the company has been serving end users in the ecclesiastical, welfare and healthcare sectors. The companyoffers the complete IT product range, but alsoacts as a service provider in the area of Software Asset Management (SAM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Logiway has been working successfully with Snow Software for several years.


Logiway employees work all over Germany and they depend on their mobile devices so that they can work productively on the go. However, there were two challenges for the company.First, both end users and the IT team spent a great deal

of time configuring and maintaining their devices. Thisimpacted productivity and the implementation of planned IT goals. Second, the hard-to-control mobile devices posed an increased risk of losing sensitive data. These two problems had to be solved.

Logiway also wanted to extend the high-quality standards it has in client environments to its own mobility management. For this reason, the company began searching for a suitableUnified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution.




The requirements were to inventory all mobile devices,to standardize essential parts of the configuration andmaintenance, to automate and to protect all mobilestored data. In addition, Logiway provided specific licensemanagement requirements. It was the goal of the ITmanagers to find out which applications were subject tolicenses on the mobile devices in order to ensure compliance and also to be able to distinguish which applications were needed for the business.


Logiway uses several Snow solutions to manage and streamline all applications. For some time now, thecompany has used Snow License Manager to ensure software license optimization across all desktopenvironments. Now, Snow’s UEM solution has been added to Snow Device Manager to manage all devices throughouttheir life cycle.


”When we were looking for a high-performance SAM solutionfor our customers some time ago, we deliberately chose the market leader Snow Software after considering all options.It was therefore natural to tackle the subject of UEM withthis partner – both in terms of redesigning our internal mobility management and delivering the corresponding services to our customers” explains Yves von Brück, license manager at Logiway. “Above all, we are impressed by theintegration between the solutions for SAM and UEM. With the Snow Device Manager, we not only solved the challengesof mobile device management, but now also have a realistic overview of all applications installed on mobile devices and can ensure compliance with licensing law. Because it is

easy to pay too much for mobile applications if you do not know which applications are installed on the mobile devices in your company and which of them are used regularly. In addition, employees do not download the correct license ofthe application. Often, businesses find that employees haveunintentionally downloaded apps for which they now have to pay additional license costs.

After agreeing to collaborate, Snow Software built up the server environment in Logiway’s data center within days. The IT team was immediately able to start connecting mobiledevices. The infrastructure also enables Logiway to offer Snow Software’s UEM as a managed service to its customers in the future, adding significant value.

The end users also benefit from the new solution. Whereonce laborious e-mail accounts had to be set up andapplications installed, the user can now benefit from an automated configuration of the mobile devices which canbe carried out within a few minutes. Pre-selected additionalapplications are available through an Enterprise App Store.The whitelisting process at Logiway ensures that only certain,verified and secure applications can be downloaded to thedevices. In addition, if employees lose their device, they no longer have to worry about the loss of sensitive data as the IT department can block access at any time.