Gruppo Campari

A proper SAM Strategy requires a highly-automated solution that easily clarifies challenging topics, like e.g. complex licensing metrics. Snow Software gives us a reliable solution to manage and control both contracts and applications in a geographically distributed environment like ours.
Lorenzo Mondino, Gruppo Campari Global Infrastructure and Communication Technology Senior Director

Company Background

Gruppo Campari, founded in 1860, is a major player in the global spirits industry and today is the sixth-largest player worldwide in the premium spirits industry. The Group’s growth strategy aims to combine organic growth through strong brand building and external growth via selective acquisitions of new brands in its core business of premium spirits.


With 26 acquisitions since 1995, keeping track of all different assets, contracts, and technologies became extremely complicated, time consuming and increased the risk of non-compliance. Gruppo Campari’s IT realized that a proper SAM strategy, along with the right technology, can help IT operations and procurement processes, especially in a complex and globally-spread environment like theirs. Elmec Informatica, Snow’s partner in the Italian market, demonstrated how these challenges could be easily addressed with the highly automated Software Asset Management solution from Snow Software, which covers the whole estate from mobile to desktop, datacenter to cloud.

Why Snow

After a quick implementation, Snow showcased Gruppo Campari how the solution integrates with the existing technologies like SCCM, Airwatch and ServiceNow, empowering them with SAM capabilities such as software recognition and contract management. Further integration with Snow Automation Platform gave additional value in terms of internal processes –  automatic re-harvesting of unused software and creating a multi-level authorization process for software request and distribution.