Snow Software revealed there were several software packages we were not using – this intelligence enabled us to remove redundant software. Because we have gained greater insight into our software usage and licensing position, we can more easily achieve our goal of compliance.
Ted Wildenberg, ICT Contract Manager at GasTerra

Company Background

GasTerra is a Dutch company that is active in the worldwide trade and supply of natural gas. It is jointly owned by Shell, Exxon and the Dutch government. For 50 years, GasTerra has been a major player in the Netherlands, supplying gas to industry and energy companies, and exported into Europe. Its 100 employees use a wide range of software from the usual big vendors to very specific applications necessary for trading in gas.


Snow´s Contribution

Snow License Manager helps GasTerra maintain compliance with its vendor license agreements. Real-time insight into software usage has made it possible to optimize licenses and so bear down on costs.