What’s New at Snow Software: June 2023

This month’s innovations include loads of new features and functionality for our customers and partners. From greater visibility to speedier time-to-value to new, powerful insights, there’s something for everyone.

Enhancements to Snow SaaS Management

User-centric optimization, Salesforce and Microsoft® 365 connector updates and new Microsoft 365 insights highlight this month’s Snow SaaS Management enhancements.

Identify top SaaS consumers to speed optimization

Snow SaaS Management now includes a column in the user table which calculates the total monthly cost of SaaS applications per user.

Sort the column to reveal the users with the highest SaaS spend, then drill down to each user for additional information, including:

Token-based authentication for Salesforce connector

The Snow SaaS Management API connector for Salesforce allows users to gather important licensing and user activity data regarding their Salesforce subscriptions. This data can fuel optimization efforts to ensure users are getting the most out of their Salesforce spend. When an account is MFA-enabled and the authentication is user-based, the data aggregation fails. To solve this problem, Snow now offers token-based authentication, enabling data aggregation after the user has entered the required credentials.

Domain name filtering option for Microsoft 365 and Azure AD connectors

Snow pulls critical data from vendor portals with our Microsoft 365 and Azure AD connectors, but when the data includes extraneous information such as guest users or non-real users, it clouds the picture. With the new domain name filtering option, only real users are pulled from the portals, allowing you to narrow your focus to the information that’s truly impactful to your subscriptions. 

Additional insights to fuel Microsoft 365 optimization

Matching users with the appropriate license tier is critical for Microsoft 365 optimization. Snow SaaS Management now offers insights to highlight when a user’s activity indicates the user could downgrade from an E3 to an E1 license or from an E5 to an E3 license. 

Web accessibility introduced for visually impaired users

Web accessibility is now introduced in Snow License Manager by adding readable labels to the user interface’s components. This means visually impaired users can now read the labels in the user interface by using screen reader technologies.

The web accessibility feature, disabled by default, is system-wide, which means that if you enable it, you enable it for all users in your system and all customers in your service provider edition (SPE) environment.

Automated insights for SAM on Snow Atlas

We are always looking for ways to reduce the manual effort required for common calculations found in reports. With that in mind, the SAM on Snow Atlas license tracking per computer report now includes an additional column that calculates total application cost (application cost per metric x license requirement).

Partners gain more visibility for faster troubleshooting of their customers’ IT environments

When partners log into Snow Atlas via their tenant, they will now see more details for diagnosing and troubleshooting their customers’ systems, including which customer computers are:

Partners can also see where hardware resides (physical, on-premises or cloud) and can sync data more than once per day to give customers the latest updates on the IT estate.

Improved cost allocation, deeper details on containers and additional savings recommendations in Snow Cloud Cost

Snow Cloud Cost added new capabilities for improved cost allocation, which enable you to:

You can also view deeper detail on containers, including:

Benchmark against yourself on Azure memory consumption with new memory data points, including:

What’s next?

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