What’s New at Snow Software: December 2022

Innovation never stops at Snow. We’re constantly expanding our capabilities to drive even more value to our customers. Here is a list of some recent product enhancements.

Expanded API Capabilities

We have continued to build out our REST API capabilities to enable new and deeper integrations.

Self-Service Agent Creation

Snow customers can now save time and move faster while gaining more control of their agent configurations.

IT Service Management Connectors: Continuous Improvements

Also new in December are incremental product improvements, modernization, performance, and user experience improvements (including to back-end technologies such as our ITSM connectors).

Snow integration: BMC Helix for enhanced Service Desk team performance

Managing Risk: Identify “Known Exploited” Vulnerabilities

Snow Risk Monitor’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog integration now gives you even more control in handling critical vulnerabilities in your IT landscape.

  • Activating this one-click filter allows you to pinpoint all vulnerabilities in your IT environment that have already been exploited across the globe.
  • The KEV catalog—currently including 850+ entries—is continuously updated by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).
  • Combine the exploited and critical vulnerability filters to identify the highest risk items in your IT landscape.

Be sure to check out our recent What’s New at Snow Software video featuring Risk Monitor detailing how to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Snow Commander’s new features and enhancements simplify hybrid cloud management for IT teams.

Enhance business agility, oversight, and efficiency

Leverage additional flexibility with custom attributes on an organization        

  • Custom attributes now provide additional flexibility by allowing users to define organization-related metadata and assign them to workflows.
  • Query organization metadata by setting appropriate filters.

Monitor and reduce Microsoft®Azure spending 

  • Generate an Azure reserved instances (RI) recommendations report by one- or three-year intervals to help monitor and reduce spending.
  • Configure reports to include a generation schedule, scope of provided cloud account regions, and a display of supported currencies.

Be sure to check out our recent What’s New at Snow Software video featuring Snow Commander detailing new features.

Configuration Improvements for Oracle® Inventory

Two recent enhancements have been made to our Oracle® Inventory scanning capability for custom environments.

For more information on Snow’s recent designation as a Oracle-certified vendor, watch this video.

New Adobe Creative Cloud User Views

The following Snow improvements for Adobe Creative Cloud provide more accurate and improved visibility to your subscription usage:

Adobe Creative Cloud user data

Be sure to check out this video detailing Snow’s recent redesign of our Adobe Creative Cloud management solution.

What’s next?

We’re always posting updates on our latest innovations. You can follow Snow product updates on our blog and stay up-to-date on the latest Snow news on LinkedIn.

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