What Does Good SaaS Management Look Like?

SaaS management encompasses a wide range of use cases and capabilities to include: 

But, what does good SaaS management look like in practice? We’ve pulled together a few pointers based on real-life use cases to inspire your own SaaS management program at your organization.

Understanding the players involved

The short answer is it depends on your organization’s goals, who is motivated to invest in a SaaS management platform and time/internal resources your organization is able to devote to these objectives.  

First, you’ll want to understand the objectives of your organization and who holds these responsibilities (and potential budget to help solve these challenges). Here are some of the most common priorities of key executives to consider as you explore a SaaS management solution. 

Taking the next steps to great SaaS management

Once you’ve determined your top priorities, the second step in developing a top-notch SaaS management program is to scope the potential outcomes you are driving for. Here are some questions to help you narrow on where you can get the biggest bang for your buck!

Questions to ask when reducing waste on enterprise applications:

Questions to ask when reducing license waste for long-tail applications:

“…We have negotiated five new framework agreements with major vendors. We can procure licenses at a significant discount, assigning them to the Panasonic companies from a single pool, while ensuring compliance.”

Ulf kuetemeyer, senior manager of contracting & procurement at panasonic information systems company europe

Questions to ask to mitigate your organization’s risk:

Putting great SaaS management into practice

We are inspired by transformational stories and are here to help you no matter what stage of your SaaS management journey you are on. You can get started today and be one giant step closer to achieving great SaaS management at your organization.