Snow Joins Oracle’s List of Verified Third-party Vendors for Oracle Database and Database Options

We're excited to share that Snow Software is now verified by Oracle as a third-party tool vendor for Database and Database options.

If you’ve been through a software audit, you know how challenging it can be to sort through the chaos inevitably created by traditional enterprise systems. To manage risk, rightsize your technology environment and feel empowered to enter successful vendor negotiations, you need complete visibility over your environment.

Out of all the vendors, Oracle licensing can be notoriously complex. Trying to manually manage license allocation across virtual and non-virtual databases can be nearly impossible.

This verification endorses the completeness of Snow data and means that Snow has been verified to provide data sets that Oracle will accept, whenever accurate measurement data is needed, as an alternative to running Oracle’s measuring tools.

In order to be considered for this verification, Oracle performs rigorous testing to ensure that Snow data meets Oracle’s requirements for software licensing information. Snow joins a select list of other Oracle-verified vendors.

Verification improves optimization

Truly understanding your company’s Oracle database usage is a complicated, time-consuming proposition. However, proactive management is a critically important endeavor to manage costs by limiting unnecessary license purchases and minimize the risk of costly vendor non-compliance.

With Oracle verification, our customers can rely on data from the Snow platform to fully evaluate and optimize their Oracle usage. This very same data can also demonstrate compliance during an Oracle audit. The verification allows you to optimize your technology assets, entitlements and agreements in one place while reducing the time required to use Oracle measurement tools for an audit.

“Many of our customers are looking to reduce complexity in their IT environments. By gaining Oracle verification, we hope to help create a more streamlined experience when managing and optimizing usage data for Oracle database and database option solutions.”

CHRISTIAN DEN BOER, Director of Enterprise Applications at Snow Software

It is important to remember that using a tool that has been Oracle verified does not replace an Oracle License Audit or change Oracle’s contractual right to perform one. According to Oracle, the vendor “will still need to analyze usage data gathered from these tools to assess license needs and provide a compliance statement. Usage data gathered from these tools will still need to be analyzed by Oracle to assess license needs and provide the customer with a compliance statement.”

Proactive vendor negotiations

Enterprise IT teams use Snow to determine their full effective license position for every software title and vendor, across client and datacenter services, SaaS and mobile devices. This gives users complete visibility independent of the software maker. In this way, you can optimize your licensing position ahead of vendor contract negotiations, renewals, true-ups or even audits.

With the recent verification from Oracle, Snow data puts you in the driver’s seat if, for example, any discrepancies should appear between your Snow generated data and Oracle’s data. With this information, you can minimize costly non-compliance risks and better manage your budgets.

Snow can help customers maintain an optimized Oracle estate by:

Understanding your Oracle deployment

Oracle licensing is both expensive and multi-faceted. Every configuration variation can lead to significant differences in license exposure. It’s easy to make a mistake.

Snow allows key stakeholders across an organization to understand their Oracle deployment, rightsize their configurations, use the right license metric for the deployment and manage costs. And now with Oracle verification, rest assured knowing that the insights used to base decisions on are accepted by Oracle in the event of a contract negotiation or audit. Learn more about how Snow can help you manage your Oracle environment and control your spend.