Discover How to Optimize Technology Spend with New Snow Cloud Control

Snow Cloud Control provides complete visibility into both your public cloud and SaaS environments. Discover how to optimize cloud spend on both cloud and SaaS usage across your organization.

Fueled by digital transformation, remote work and the need for more IT agility, spending on cloud resources has exploded over the last few years. This growth coincides with a rapid shift in technology purchasing responsibility away from IT toward business units and individual functions. The result is a perfect storm of exploding costs coupled with a lack of visibility, governance and control. Organizations across every industry are struggling with staying on top of this growth while accurately identifying and allocating cloud costs.

Spreading the effort among multiple teams (e.g., FinOps and IT asset management) with their own blind spots and ways of getting and interpreting data compounds the problem. To combat that issue, these teams need to collaborate over a common source of Technology Intelligence on their assets.

Snow Cloud Control: Full visibility into cloud and SaaS spend

Snow Cloud Control provides complete visibility into both your public cloud and your SaaS environments. For cloud assets, you can discover and optimize cloud spend on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes. For SaaS usage, Snow Cloud Control discovers and optimizes spend across paid, unpaid, sanctioned and unsanctioned applications from across your organization.

Snow Cloud Control also supports cross-functional collaboration. Everyone can view the same dashboard and personalized reporting tied to their respective function. For example, Finance and/or FinOps teams can allocate costs by:

With an easy-to-use user interface, customers also achieve quick time to value by seeing cloud infrastructure and SaaS consumption along with insights and recommendations for optimization.

A holistic view of public cloud server spend

With server usage spread throughout the organization, understanding when and where there are opportunities to eliminate waste can be challenging, to say the least. Do you have virtual machines that were spun up on Amazon Web Services or Azure and then forgotten? Are there servers running 24/7 that only need to be on during the workday? 

Eliminating this waste isn’t a one-time fix; it’s an ongoing effort. It requires regular monitoring, controls, and actionable insights to spot anomalies and identify opportunities for discounts or cost savings. Snow Cloud Control provides a holistic view of cloud spend and enables you to act quickly on cloud cost spikes across all your cloud assets. You’ll get an accurate picture of your cloud resources and Kubernetes costs with prescriptive recommendations for savings. What’s more, you can also properly allocate costs based on team, project, application, or your definition and the corresponding cloud consumption. Armed with this data, you can begin to eliminate waste, right-size infrastructure based on your cloud workloads and establish enforceable guidelines to prevent future waste.

Get insight into your SaaS portfolio and eliminate wasteful spending

With Snow Cloud Control, you can also manage SaaS spend. Managing SaaS spend is every bit as difficult as managing server infrastructure and cloud services. The first challenge is discovering what applications are in use within the business. To address that challenge, Snow goes straight to the source – the user.

With user data, you’re not only able to discover all the applications activated outside of your approved procurement processes, but also see how (or if) teams are using SaaS. This allows you to identify the applications that are adding value and those that are unnecessary.

These insights allow you to eliminate unused applications, repurpose licenses and appropriately match users with feature bundles. They also allow you to spot redundancies and overlapping functionality. For example, do you really need four file sharing, three project management and two video conferencing tools? Consolidating to a single solution can save money on license (through contract negotiations) and support costs.

Get started with Snow Cloud Control

Snow Cloud Control allows you to monitor, optimize and govern your technology spending across public cloud service providers and SaaS applications. And, as a customer, you get access to Snow’s global cloud experts and partners who know and share best practices to efficiently manage cloud usage and cost.

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