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Digital transformation

Snow Cost Savings Calculators
Optimize Your IT Budget With New Cost Savings Calculators
Try our free cost savings calculators to find where you could reduce spend across software, cloud and SAP.
How Snow’s New SaaS Capabilities Can Strengthen Your Microsoft Investment
How Snow’s New SaaS Capabilities Can Strengthen Your Microsoft Investment
We've made it even easier to get detailed usage information on your Microsoft 365 applications and optimize licensing.
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Maximize Your Cloud Savings with Commander 8.3

Introducing Bring You Own License (BYOL) optimization, an industry-first for cloud management platforms. Learn more in our latest Snow Commander release.

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From SAP Master to Supermaster: Next-Gen Control for Complex Enterprise Environments
Built with our enterprise customers in mind, learn how Snow Supermaster can help you better manage your SAP environments.
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How to Maximise the Value of Your Technology Investments
Whether you’re looking to rightsize existing technology or find a new solution, there are a few key steps you should take to get the most out of your investments.
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Challenges Facing IT Planning for the Next 18 Months
As working practices evolve, IT teams need to adjust their strategy to align with the 'new normal.'
remote work
Entering the Matrix: What the Digital Workplace Means in the Real World
Victoria Barber looks at the different definitions of the digital workplace and how these understandings have shaped our approach to managing technology within the workplace
australia post
Thanks to Intelligence from Snow, Australia Post Now Delivers More Than Mail

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes worth of data created around the globe.

2019 IT evolution
What The IT Evolution in 2019 Means for 2020
2019 was a roller coaster year for IT teams, and Snow's Ciri Haugh looks back at a few of the more interesting trends of the year