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Oracle Removes Spatial and Graph Option from Official Price List – What Now?
Oracle recently removed Spatial and Graph from their official price list, making it free with all Oracle database editions. Christian Den Boer discusses what Oracle database customers need to know about this change.
Your questions about the GDPR answered
The GDPR compliance Emergency Kit – How to address three of the most crucial obligations.
On December 6, Snow joined forces with experts from Deloitte to help organizations around the world prepare for the introduction of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018.
One approach is to first look at the IT estate and identify the applications that are likely to be used to access personal customer data
Decision paralysis – how to get started on the GDPR
The acronym “GDPR” seems innocuous enough, however, what it stands for, i.e. the new General Data Protection Regulation certainly is not. This legal obligation, affecting any organization around the world that does business in Europe (regardless of HQ location), results in stringent demands on the protection and management of personal data.