Multinational payment company

Snow's compatibility with ServiceNow breakthrough for pay businesses

"Snow, thanks to the integration with ServiceNow proved to be a groundbreaking tool for us in optimizing our CMDB. The quality and precision of the normalized data Snow generates allows our customer support staff can now solve problems in a significantly faster and more efficiently." 

Senior Business Manager


A multinational company that provides technology for electronic payment transactions.


Thanks to the use of existing software company struggled with limited inventory features, unreliable data and poor synchronization with the ServiceNow platform , which made it difficult for the customer to quickly resolve issues and take action.

WHAT SNOW contributed

Through seamless integration with ServiceNow could now using Snow's triple solution ( Snow License Manager , Snow Inventory and Snow Integration Manager ) implement a highly efficient and reliable process that resulted in significantly better user support.


Within just a few weeks after installation, the company had sued their Software Asset Management(SAM)


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