Snow Cloud Discovery

Analytics & automation to optimize IaaS & SaaS investments across the organization

IT, Business and The Cloud - Optimized

Snow for Cloud empowers IT and business leaders to confidently drive Business Transformation, safe in the knowledge that IaaS and SaaS investments are being captured and proactively managed to deliver maximum value at minimum cost and risk to business units and the wider organization.

Cloud Inventory Management

Snow’s cloud discovery, inventory and consumption tracking abilities provide detailed analytical insight into the IaaS resources and SaaS applications being spun up and consumed, no matter who is using or paying for them. It combines this information with full visibility of on-premises technologies to provide a single view of the complete Hybrid IT infrastructure that your organization relies on every day.

Cloud Spend Visibility

Armed with this holistic view of the organization’s technology investments, IT and financial leaders can achieve a level of influence previously beyond their reach. Management dashboards from Snow facilitate accurate budgeting, forecasting and cost allocation - protecting the enterprise against overspend and compliance risks while embracing the opportunities offered by Business Transformation initiatives such as Cloud-first strategies, DevOps and Business Unit IT.

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Automated discovery of the most strategic SaaS applications in use across the enterprise, regardless of which department purchased the subscription
Virtual machine discovery across public cloud vendors including full inventory of software components running within each environment
Granular usage detail for strategic SaaS applications and all IaaS environments
Align technology with business goals
Automated collection of data critical to the establishment of an accurate license position
Advanced analytics delivers consolidated view of all application, environment, and device usage across on-prem, public and private clouds and mobile
Direct integration with the most critical SaaS vendors such as Office 365 provides a consolidated view of device-based licenses and SaaS subscriptions
Deep, component-level utilization metrics on the most strategic SaaS applications in use
Automatic application of standardized tags across all public and private cloud platforms creates foundation of visibility
Simplified reporting highlights risks associated with software usage in public cloud environments
Identify and reassign duplicate and unused SaaS subscriptions
Identify and assign the most cost-efficient SaaS subscription level for each user in the enterprise
Identify and deprovision zombie VMs running in public clouds
Role-and-responsibility based access for IaaS environment creation ensures effective governance and cost containment
Proactively manage and negotiate SaaS renewal agreements
Automatically harvest and reassign unused SaaS subscriptions
Automatically downgrade SaaS subscriptions based on component-level usage information
Self-service access requests for SaaS subscription and IaaS environment requests with automated, approval-driven workflows
Time-bound provisioning of expensive subscriptions (Ex: Project 365, Visio 365 and PowerBI Pro) and IaaS environments

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