Normalisering och gallring av data

Fill your CMDB and ITAM solutions with clean and normalized data from hardware and software through Snow's SAM platform

"Until the end of 2018, 75% of IT organizations fail in configuration management because of inadequate standardization." Gartner *

Databases Configuration Management - CMDB - in the IT service management are important in companies which a) would provide users with the services and programs they need, b) introducing automated processes, and c) streamline IT processes.

The challenge is not only to create the CM database, but also to guarantee an IT resource directory with software, hardware, and the relationships between them are standardized, useful and constantly up to date. If the configuration or infrastructure changes may soon become obsolete.

Normalization of the data

Data can be collected from many different sources, so that they are not consistent. With normalization gets collected data meaningful and can be presented in a clear and readable way. It removes the ambiguity and shows only a timely, transparent information section for each software resource.

When ITSM processes linked to the SAM process means higher productivity, efficiency and return on ITSM implementation when a thinned and normalized software portfolio combined with precise and fine-grained hardware configuration data from all devices used in the network.

  • Faster problem solving

Snow SAM platform

Snow's unique Software Recognition Service compiles, thinning and normalizes all the identified software in the network - including vendor name, application name and version - before being imported into the CM database.

Software Recognition Service

  • Recognizes over 569,000 applications from over 90,000  software vendors, over 1,092,000 SKUs (October 2018).
  • Cull data from third-party solutions for inventory  or registration.

It allows you to build a complete and accurate database of configuration management covering all platforms (fixed, mobile, server-based and cloud-based).

A clean database provides faster problem resolution and makes it easier to make decisions about the organization's need for software and licenses.


The working with SAM, both to store pure data in configuration management database and utilize ITSM data in  Snow's SAM platform , including information about the device status (eg, testing, development, production). This makes it possible to assign the appropriate licenses and maintain information on support contracts and support requests, which can be used for smarter renegotiation of the agreement.

EXPAND ITSM with genuine software asset management

Many ITSM solutions offer limited SAM functions , but often they are too basic for many organizations, especially for IT environments that include data centers, virtualization , mobile
and enterprise software players like MicrosoftSAP , IBM and Oracle . Snow's platform is specifically adapted to collect the right SAM information. 

  • Faster solution of software problems
  • Standardization of compatible versions
  • Better overview of the license availability and suitability

Want to know more about how to fill the CM database with the best available hardware and software information? Read more about  Snows Software Recognition Service or our selection of Snow Integration Connectors including Snow ServiceNow .

* Four Steps to Optimize Configuration Management Process and Tools 31 October 2013 G00258557 Analyst (s): Ronni J. Colville